What Happened?
Update 04/06/15 - site is rewritten from scratch, now working on rebuilding the image database.
In the interim, I found this awesome page from back when I ran "Neopets Stuff" (which was the very first Neopets Fan Site ever)

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a "Box of Clockwork Grundos?"
(a really cool item now retired from the Hidden Tower)
Well we've managed to sneak a secret Neocam inside. Be sure to turn up your speakers, and click for a live feed. ;)
How did they cram so many Clockwork Grundos into such a small box???

My webhost upgraded my box to a different version of PHP and Ubuntu, which is an awesome thing but Neomerch didn't seem to like it and in addition to a ton of error messages, completely corrupted the photo album software I was using. I'm working on it, promise, but it might be some time before I can get everything ironed out.
-- Joe