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Neopets Halloween CryptoQuest Deluxe Pack

Neopets Halloween CryptoQuest Deluxe Pack
Type: Virtual Trading Cards

Release Date: October 18 2018

Manufacturer: Fan Bits

Where To Buy:

Status: Current

Virtual Prize Code: Yes

Welcome to the first ever Neopets CryptoQuest. Join Aisha, Kougra, Uni, and Draik on a blockchain adventure to complete card collection quests and win prizes! Each card comes with a Neopets Virtual Prize Code and Neopoints! The Quest Reward Cards come with the best Prize Codes! The Neopets Halloween CryptoQuest will be available from October 18th through November 4th, 2018. After midnight PST on Novemeber 4th, 2018, no Halloween CryptoQuest card packs will be created or sold by us. For those players that still want to buy and sell, the secondary auction house will remain open, and Quest Reward cards will still be granted for all completed quests until midnight PST on April 30th, 2019. The Deluxe Pack contains 3 CryptoQuest Cards. You're guaranteed at least a Rare and a higher chance at a Super Rare. This may help you complete some of the harder sets faster!

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