News before the news

This is just an archive of the news before the news posting software.

    • Good Morning!
  • Welcome to! Soon to be a complete database of every piece of Neopets merchandise ever released!
  • Items will be added constantly until the database is complete!
  • *NEW*We’re also accepting images of your Collections as well as any Custom ‘stuff’ that you’ve made.
  • Link on the left! and it works!
  • Now you can view the Collections images that have been submitted! (only mine so far *ahem*) Click ‘Collections’ on the left.
  • Note: the site is still acting funky in Internet Explorer (it’s breaking the table..) I’ll fix it soon..
  • Note: please be aware that the catalog link on the left displays every item in the database on one page! it will take a while to load.. (search box only displays at max 30 results)
    the next update will address this (and separate items on multiple pages.)
  • I really need newsposting software
  • ‘My Collection’ and ‘My Wishlist’ are coming soon! So you will be able to track your collection
    and show all your friends what they should’ve bought you for Christmas!

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