Plushies are here!

The new plushies are finally here!

case of series one 

JAKKS plushies

One case is twelve plushies, one each of the regular color ones and then one of the gold plushies(making them rarer!)

They are featured on a special Neopets endcap at Target

Target Endcap

Target Endcap header

(if anyone has issues with my posting pictures of the endcap, please use the contact us link on the left and I’ll remove it ASAP)

The new Neocash cards are out as well, and the Trading Card Fun Paks should be out soon!

Item Price DPCI
Neopets Plushies $7.99 086080969
Fun Pak 2-Pack $3.99 086081340
Fun Pak 4-Pack $7.99 086081341
New $10 Neocash $10.00 086081354
New $25 Neocash $25.00 086081361

(DPCI is what Target calls their item numbers)

Here’s a comparison shot with a Rainbow Cybunny

plushie comparison shot

If anyone has any photos of their plushie finds, or stories of their trips to Target in the pouring rain (wait.. that was me..) please share!

5 thoughts on “Plushies are here!”

  1. There should be one gold Neopet in every box. The boxes are all packed the same one of each of the eleven regular pets, and one gold of course, production errors could happen. But more than likely someone bought the gold one and swapped it for another so there was a full case worth in the storeroom I had one store bring out a ‘full case’ from the back that contained only eleven.. was missing the Gold Shoyru.. turns out my mom was in the store ten minutes prior and bought it for me, and they just put the box back in the back I still don’t know exact print runs, but in this area Gold Gelert is by far the rarest, followed by Aisha, then Shoyru. for example four targets today there were four shoyrus and one aisha, no gelerts I only need one…

  2. First of all, this is not completely true 😛 I went to 5 targets and called 10 storesby the way a lot of them had no clue what neopets were and said they didnt carry them :Pall of them had them out except one. The second to last one i went towent on shipment day this time had a gold shoyru out, sadly i had no interest for any gold neopets, just a cloud kougra, so i left. Then the last one i went to, didnt have any spot in the storeno isle ends like the other stores set aside for neopets, so i had to ask them to look in the back, aparently they didnt put out any of their shipments yet and i got a new shipment opened right infront of me. Unlike the other store, this box contained no gold neopet, so they are in fact not in every shipment, possibly randomly distributed to boxes. But i got my cloud kougra D

  3. I hear you.. I’ve been to six targets in the past week only one of them actually had the plushies out on the shelf, so I was able to get a decent display box Both stores I bought at, I just brought the plushies I was buying up to the register in one of the boxes and they just put it in the bag with them. each case comes with a new display box I still have yet to find a Gold Gelert though..

  4. I was very upset when I went to Target and the display boxes were basically ripped apart by the store employees instead of properly folded.

    I’m a HUGE collector serious, not for fun of Neopets Merchandise and I collect the display boxes.

    Guess I will have to scower my state to find a Target willing to give me them or buy them. XD

    I spent $70 last night. I intend to go back and get the other plushies soon.

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