7 thoughts on “Neopets in the News”

  1. THREE TO PRETEEN!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?! It was originally intended for college students pal! Get your facts right before going on the news! And it isn’t “Uni the Unicorn” either! Uni is the species! It’s a CLOUD UNI! D< *cough* Anyway... they look awesome! :3 *squeaks with joy* I'm gonna be so broke... xD Now they just need Zafara, Peophin and Draik plushies. ^^

  2. the bruce is speckled, youtube didn’t help the quality any.. Kacheek is island he’s got his little sandals! and there’s supposed to be a flotsam, but all I see in the picture is a Xweetok.

  3. Awesome! So it looks like theres a Starry Elephante, Electric Cybunny, Green Bruce, Orange Kacheek, Cloud Uni, Strawberry Poogle, and Yellow Kougra. There’s Aisha ears in the back, looks like the silver one. Next to the Aisha kind of looks like a Flotsam. Poogles adorable.

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