Wishlists are here!

You can now create your own Neopets Merchandise wishlist here at Neomerch.com!
select the items you want and then send your list to all your friends!

You are also able to create a list of your collection! keep detailed records of all of your Neopets stuff!

Click “Add to Wishlist” or “Add to My Collection” on any item detail page to get started. (clicking one of these for the first time creates your list in the system)
Afterwards, click Your Wishlist or Your Collection on the left menu to edit it.

You will need to have a registered account to create either (click register on the top right)
Check out Sample lists here:

This system is in BETA what that means is that there may be some weird bugs or things that don’t work right. If you come across anything odd, please use the contact us link on the left menu to let me know. If you could provide as much detail as possible as to what you were doing when it happened I’d appreciate it!

I am aware of a minor bug when adding an item to either list. It should display a confirmation message, but it does not.
Also, items listed on your lists are sorted in a way that only makes sense to the database, I’m working on it as I type this, and it should sort (by default) by item name, and you’ll be able to autosort by release date, type, etc.

Thanks to all for visiting the site while I was working on setting this up, and as always, please feel free to use the contact us link if you have any comments/questions/suggestions/etc/

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