11 thoughts on “Series Four – First Look!”

  1. OMG Yeah, they have a picture of all of them, at jellyneo.net, plus the prizes πŸ˜› I love the purple kau πŸ˜› and the korbat, and the pumpkin jubjub πŸ˜€ I hope they make a Coconut jubjub soon πŸ˜› that would be awesome, I’m hopeing for a ruki plushie soon, but not holding my breath for it, Rukis arent exactly popular

  2. I am totally loving that Korbat. owo And possibly the Blumaroo if it looks better in person. And isit just me, or does the flotsam look a bit… flat? Eh, either way, they need a Zafara, Peophin or Draik next!

  3. Agreed. At least I’m glad to see they’re slowly integrating more pets in to the series thankfully. The Blumaroo, Korbat, and Flotsam are new if memory serves me correct.

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