Burger King Kids Meal

Neopets toys will be available in Burger King Kids Meals starting next Monday! The toys are ‘blind boxed’ (meaning you don’t know what you’re getting until you open it) and you have a chance at one of twelve pets, each in four different colours!

Keep an eye on http://www.bk.com/neopets for some cool stuff once it is uploaded!

The complete set is listed in the newly added Burger King Section

17 thoughts on “Burger King Kids Meal”

  1. Like jellyneo said, you should call around to different locations in your area to find out when that specific location is getting them. I called the one closest to my house and they said that they were getting the next toys on the first, while the next location said tomorrow.

  2. Sadly i was expecting mcdonalds to have neopets for the 3rd time, for years i was saving up on their toys so i could trade in the whole heap for every species x.x oh snap. I only have 2 burger king toys D: just so everyone knows i didnt eat all that mcdonalds ๐Ÿ˜› I’m skinny xP Anyways the only thing im interested in getting is the kougra figures, seeing i collect kougras ; Dang the closed boxes

  3. Awesomeness! I’m stoked! Really excited that you can get plushies and figurines this time. Nice idea to combine both of them. Love that the amount of them will actually be obtainable this time unlike the first promotion of 109 plushies xD

    Is it true that the toys are only going to cost 75 cents? If so, I’m really gonna load up on duplicates.

  4. Not bad, but kinda weird that they have both plushies and figurines. What’s even weirder is the jubjub o_0 At first I though it was an octopus. But the rest look great.

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