8 thoughts on “Jumbo Plushies!”

  1. goldennightfox:
    the prices that you listed are correct cause when i went to the u.s. they were like the ones that you had listed.but in canada are different and more expensive.

  2. Certain Walmart have them now. Some that carry the regulaer chain don’t yet at least here in WV. They’re $14.88, and come attached to a cardboard base. They also look better in real life with the exception of the Bruse and Scorchio, sadly I suggest calling ahead to see if they have them. ^^

    Kacheek9095789 – Probably not my business, but regular line – that is to say, the plushies – cost approx. $7.99, unless you go to KB Toys, Claires, or Kohls. 10.50, 10.99, 9.99, respectively The figure sets vary in price, depending on where you go, and whether it is a one- or two-pet pack. The BK ones were a seperate promotion, and unrelated to the regular figurine line. Hope that helps. 3

  3. this is a question for neomerch staff when you guys said reguler line does that mean they have to have the figures,playsets and plushies?because the wal-mart that i go to only has plushies also does anyone know about how much they cost,because i got a figure set and it cost $12.99 plus $2 tax and they were pretty small and the bk ones were way cheeper but the figures do look nicer

  4. i have the five inches and mcdonald and bk versions of all those neopets but i would still try to beg my parents for an elephante or a kougra or whatever i get my hads on also i just got another set of figures the one with a kacheek and a scorchio

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