Series Six Available Now!

Series Six Available Now!

It seems as though JAKKS is giving us an early holiday gift. Series Six is now shipping to stores!

So far they’ve only been spotted at Claire’s stores (Store Locator) Please let us know via the forums if you’ve seen them anywhere else!
We’ve also received some reports of the Virtual Prize Codes doing wacky things (awarding the wrong Key Quest token/Virtual Item) so we suggest that you hold off on redeeming them until it’s been fixed.
Check out our JAKKS Page for the full collection!

2 thoughts on “Series Six Available Now!”

  1. i got a robot kacheek for $5.50 at clairs and i have 7 other ones,4 series1 3 in series 3, 1 series 4
    also have 10 of the bk one[all different]a blue kacheek electronic one and 15 mcdonalds one and 2 of the 4 pack tradding cards and one of each $10 nc mall cards and 2 3pack figures an dmore

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