Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

The new year brings us much from the world of Neopia!

Starting with Series 2 of the Jumbo Plushies including a Pink Shoyru, Cloud Wocky, and four others!

Series 7 of the regular plushie line will be hitting at the end of January including many favorites as well as what could possibly be the first release of a Moehog(in cloud!) and Chocolate and Baby coloured pets!

The craft kits are still coming but we don’t yet have a definite date.

and lastly

Mini Figure Blind Packages!

Picture a pack of trading cards but with three mini Neopets figures in it (two pets and one petpet) There are seventeen in all to collect! Check your local Walmart store for these now!

Visit our JAKKS Page for full listings!

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. there’s nothing stopping you from putting $5 on 25 gift cards in one transaction and then using those 25 cards to buy a full case of mini figures in a second.. the cashier will hate you afterwards, but the virtual items are awesome!

  2. Just a heads up, some stores already have shelf-spots for these. According to the sticker tags: “Neopets Clippies” “Neopets Blind Pak” and “Neopets Mini-Fig Pak”. not entirely positive of the labeling of the last one, pretty sure though. ^^ I *believe* the prices were $6-somethingthat’s what I wanna say anyway, $4.57, and $14.97, respectively. No sign of the new plush yet, place on the shelf or otherwise. Also, the Neopets-themed gift cards ARE out. They work like a basic Wal-Mart gift card – $5.00 is the minimum amount you can load on them, and you can’t sadly just buy them. Hope that helps! ^_^

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