Who wants to let me borrow their Leap Frog Didj?

Who wants to let me borrow their LeapFrog Didj?

Introducing Neopets: Quizara’s Curse for LeapFrog Didj!

The Didj is LeapFrogs newest hand held video gaming system that allows customized game play tailored to your childs in-school learning. You can connect it to your computer to load customized content based on what your child is doing in school (loading specific spelling words, math subjects, etc..) in each game you also earn ‘points’ which you can use to further customize and ‘unlock’ new levels in each game that are obtained from the LeapFrog network.

Watch for it whereever LeapFrog products are sold!

5 thoughts on “Who wants to let me borrow their Leap Frog Didj?”

  1. Just because viacom is making all this stuff specifically for a 7 year old age group and it makes me look like an idiot in front of my parents and friends ;p
    just my personal opinion, thats all
    i mean, i have quite a massive neopets collection myself xD doesnt even compare to yours though ;o

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