We’re Back!

Real life got in the way a bit, but we’re back! There are still a few kinks (admittedly I just rewrote code that failed instead of rebuilding the site from scratch) The forum is still down and because user accounts are tied to the forum, currently anything that involves logging in is down. In the interim, if you run into anything insane, feel free to shoot me a message (the contact form works and alerts me via text message!) If you notice any items missing from the database feel free to shoot me message (photos are great too!) Items that are showing but without a photo – the photos exist, the database just ate them. I’m working on it!

and in case you missed it, the secret Neocam is still in the Box of Clockwork Grundos.
Click it to check it out!

1 thought on “We’re Back!”

  1. So the database actually ate ALL the images..

    I’m working on restoring them now but have to run most of them manually.

    I’m also working on restoring the forum without losing any of the old posts. It’s a little tricky because the last version in use doesn’t work with the current version of PHP.

    That being said, still send me anything that you see that’s missing. I also have some other cool things I’m going to post.

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