Metaverse Merch Recap

The past three days saw Neopets Metaverse as a sponsor of NFT convention NFT.NYC. They were onsite demoing part of their game, but also brought merch!

Most notable is a promo sheet of the upcoming set of trading cards from Upper Deck. The perforated sheet includes 8 cards featuring faeries and a code to unlock three exclusive digital trading cards on Upper Deck e-Pack.

Also available to win at the booth was a Jumbo Faerie Draik Plushie!

What we believe to be a full list of everything new that was given away is here.

(they also had the normal sized Faerie Draik and PetPet keychain plushies, as well as pins from Geekify to give out)

Did you attend? Did you get any of the merch? we’d be happy to feature your photos!

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