I want a Patamoose for Christmas!

It’s Christmas in July!!

Our friends at Geekify Inc. have just shared some info on upcoming holiday Neopets merchandise.

Be on the lookout for preorders starting next month!

We’ve got a Geekify merch announcement for the upcoming holiday season! We’ve got three new Neopets Christmas ornaments, a stocking, and an all-new Advent Calendar, and possibly some more goodies. We’ll be opening pre-orders next month to help gauge quantities for production.

The original 2020 Advent Calendar was popular, but was made in far less than ideal circumstances. Quick recap – while we worked our buns off on an *extremely* tight timeline (we were given about three weeks to produce several hundred) and used high quality candy melts, some of them appeared to sit in USPS warehouses and on trucks for about three weeks with the first COVID Christmas, making some of them incredibly delayed, and a handful of them appeared to pick up some kind of odor in transit. It was an ambitious project given the tight turnaround, but got hamstrung by a number of factors, and wasn’t received as well as it could have been. Since production is able to start way in advance this time, and we’re partnering with a company that specializes in Advent Calendars make them, we should have no issues with quality or delivery. We’re happy to address any questions, and want to thank the community for sticking by us with our various projects and giving us a chance to help make (increasingly) better merch for the Neopets community, and to make the calendar an annual tradition. Viva la Calendar!

~~ John/Geekify Inc.

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