Neopets coming to Quidd

Quidd, “The original digital collectibles marketplace”, has just posted the following on their social media accounts. A formal announcement will be coming tomorrow.

EDIT 10/20: The info has just been removed from Social Media but is still posted in their Discord Server.

EDIT 10/21: The message has been deleted from discord and replaced with a generic coming soon message with no image.

EDIT 10/22: In an AMA on their discord, Quidd CEO and Co-Founder Michael Bramlage has stated that their release has been pushed back until January at the latest, which appears to be a direct result of the catastrophe that is Metaverse.

Note the following is presumed to apply to the Neopets collectibles but they would not confirm/deny what the new channel was despite previously sharing the below image.

On the delay – “In the case of the new channel, our partners wanted to put a little more time between another project that they dropped and our project. So, it’s a delay, not a cancellation. I would say January at the latest. There are some really cool aspects of this new channel; if you don’t mind, I’ll share….

On the release – “NEW CHANNEL: (a) between 30 and 40 sets approved; (b) channel will be launched as a “season” with definitive start and end date; (c) set drops will be regularly scheduled on tuesday, thursdays, and sundays; (d) free packs will be provided for most sets, especially to OGs; (e) there will be a contest using the channel rank system where rankers can win a portion of a prize pool that is funded from our aftermarket sales fee. We — and I don’t think anyone else — has done a channel drop like this before, so it’s a cool new territory to be in…

On whether or not they will be mintable – “The new channel will not be. It could always be at a later date. But we will not sell them as “mintables from the get-go” like we will some other new channels that are coming.

On plans to bring in more users “We’re building our marketing team back up right now and will be doing a fairly significant go-to-market in Q1 2022; that means, after about 2 years of “heads-down building”, we’re turning the “marketing spigot” back on, big time.

More information on Quidd is available here. You may have interacted with them as they offer digital trading cards and collectibles for many brands including Funko, Hello Kitty, and Disney. They are now also moving into the Blockchain space..

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What’s Your Passion Jewelry has launched a new set of Halloween themed Pet pins.

Note that they are preorder, but will ship in time for Halloween.

Check them out here.

Please be sure to use the below link to purchase ( as they are in the process of rolling out a new website ( and they noted they don’t currently have the promo (free pin when you spend $95 in Neopets) working on the new site.

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This morning Neopets has announced a partnership to create Neopets NFTs.

an NFT (or Non-Fungible Token) is a virtual item that you can show ownership of as all transactions of it are recorded on a blockchain (like bitcoin)

You may read the full press release from Neopets here.

To start, there will be 20,500 unique pet colors/customisations available.

More information will be available soon on the Neopets Metaverse Discord Server.

“Over the past 20 plus years, nearly 100 million people have engaged with Neopets characters both in the game and through merchandise and other branded items.  Extending to NFTs give those users as well as NFT collectors the chance to experience and own part of the history of Neopets” says Jim Czulewicz, President and CEO of JumpStart Games, Inc., the company that owns Neopets.  “For us this is another opportunity to extend the brand into new markets and to new users in a format that is both modern and valued.”

Neopets Launches its First NFT Collection – The Neopets Metaverse Collection (CNW Group/Neopets)

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