Trading Card Catalog - Haunted Woods

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Aisha Morphing Potion
1. Aisha Morphing Potion
Alien Aisha
2. Alien Aisha
3. Archos
Baby Cybunny
4. Baby Cybunny
5. Bruno
The Founder
6. The Founder
Fruity Star Juice
7. Fruity Star Juice
Ghost Meepit
8. Ghost Meepit
Ghost Spyder
9. Ghost Spyder
Golden Scratching Post
10. Golden Scratching Post
11. Halloween
Ilere of the Woods
12. Ilere of the Woods
Illusens Quest
13. Illusens Quest
Pocket Lab Ray
14. Pocket Lab Ray
Royal Tonu
15. Royal Tonu
Sasha the Dancer
16. Sasha the Dancer
Sentient Stones
17. Sentient Stones
18. Sophie
The Taint
19. The Taint
The Wand of Wishing
20. The Wand of Wishing
21. Anubits
Attack Broom
22. Attack Broom
23. Boo!
Curing the Plague
24. Curing the Plague
Dance of the Meepits
25. Dance of the Meepits
Evil Trees
26. Evil Trees
Lenny Curator
27. Lenny Curator
Mr. Krawley
28. Mr. Krawley
Rolling Pin
29. Rolling Pin
Rusty Sloth Clone #11
30. Rusty Sloth Clone #11
Shadow Korbat
31. Shadow Korbat
Spotted Tonu
32. Spotted Tonu
Squeezy Spyder
33. Squeezy Spyder
Touch of Von Roo
34. Touch of Von Roo
35. Transformation
Trick or Treat
36. Trick or Treat
37. Werhond
38. Xantan
Zombie Aisha
39. Zombie Aisha
40. Zomutt
Brown Aisha
41. Brown Aisha
Pink Cybunny
42. Pink Cybunny
A Tale of Woe
43. A Tale of Woe
Acara Hiker
44. Acara Hiker
Acara Nurse
45. Acara Nurse
Air Mote
46. Air Mote
Baby Korbat
47. Baby Korbat
Bony Grasp
48. Bony Grasp
Coconut Shy
49. Coconut Shy
Creeping Shadows
50. Creeping Shadows
Followers of Meow
51. Followers of Meow
Ghost Lenny
52. Ghost Lenny
Green Warf
53. Green Warf
Grilled Ummagine
54. Grilled Ummagine
Gypsy Camp
55. Gypsy Camp
Hall of Heroes
56. Hall of Heroes
The Haunted Woods
57. The Haunted Woods
Island Cybunny
58. Island Cybunny
Krawk Island
59. Krawk Island
Mashed Eye Potato
60. Mashed Eye Potato
Mound of Grulb
61. Mound of Grulb
Mutant Flowper
62. Mutant Flowper
Mutant Hasee
63. Mutant Hasee
64. Neovia
Nova Fruit
65. Nova Fruit
66. Reginald
Sanity Check
67. Sanity Check
Spooky Doughnut
68. Spooky Doughnut
Spotted Slorg
69. Spotted Slorg
Ugly Bruno
70. Ugly Bruno
Blue Korbat
71. Blue Korbat
Brown Cybunny
72. Brown Cybunny
Green Lenny
73. Green Lenny
Orange Acara
74. Orange Acara
Orange Korbat
75. Orange Korbat
Red Lenny
76. Red Lenny
Red Tonu
77. Red Tonu
White Acara
78. White Acara
White Aisha
79. White Aisha
Yellow Tonu
80. Yellow Tonu
Attack of the Slorgs
81. Attack of the Slorgs
Blue Babaa
82. Blue Babaa
Broken Crackers
83. Broken Crackers
Cybunny Plushie
84. Cybunny Plushie
Failed Experiment
85. Failed Experiment
86. Familiar
Green Meowclops
87. Green Meowclops
88. Hide-and-Seek
Hissi Oil
89. Hissi Oil
It Came From Kreludor
90. It Came From Kreludor
Light Faerie Doll
91. Light Faerie Doll
Noil Gem
92. Noil Gem
Pant Devil Sandwich
93. Pant Devil Sandwich
Scary Abandoned Plushie
94. Scary Abandoned Plushie
95. Slymook
Test Your Strength
96. Test Your Strength
Tooth of Goregas
97. Tooth of Goregas
Water Faerie Doll
98. Water Faerie Doll
99. Witch's Hat
Yellow Snorkle
100. Yellow Snorkle
Cybunny Plushie Code Card
cc1. Cybunny Plushie Code Card
Pant Devil Sandwich Code Card
cc2. Pant Devil Sandwich Code Card
Sentient Stones Code Card
cc3. Sentient Stones Code Card
Zombie Aisha Code Card
cc4. Zombie Aisha Code Card