Trading Card Catalog - Mystery Island

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1. Eithne
Fish Negg
2. Fish Negg
Island Angelpuss
3. Island Angelpuss
Island Kadoatie
4. Island Kadoatie
Island Paint Brush
5. Island Paint Brush
Island Peophin
6. Island Peophin
Island Whinny
7. Island Whinny
8. Jhuidah
Kougra Chieftain
9. Kougra Chieftain
Pirate Krawk
10. Pirate Krawk
Rainbow Pteri
11. Rainbow Pteri
Snarling Totem
12. Snarling Totem
Techo Master
13. Techo Master
Tiki Party
14. Tiki Party
Training School
15. Training School
16. Tura-Kepek
Volcanic Eruption
17. Volcanic Eruption
18. Volcano
Werelupe Claw
19. Werelupe Claw
Zed Codestone
20. Zed Codestone
Blue Krawk
21. Blue Krawk
22. Banishment
Cherry Wish Stick
23. Cherry Wish Stick
Cooking Pot
24. Cooking Pot
Curse Stick
25. Curse Stick
Hungry Natives
26. Hungry Natives
Invisible Mynci
27. Invisible Mynci
Island Acara Plushie
28. Island Acara Plushie
Kougra Archaeologist
29. Kougra Archaeologist
Krawk Shaman
30. Krawk Shaman
Meerca Brothers
31. Meerca Brothers
32. Moltenus
33. Potgatkerchi
Ruined City
34. Ruined City
Shell Acara Totem
35. Shell Acara Totem
36. Snotbunny
Techo Adept
37. Techo Adept
Tiki Bomb
38. Tiki Bomb
Tiki Tack Man
39. Tiki Tack Man
Voodoo Doll
40. Voodoo Doll
Green Krawk
41. Green Krawk
Orange Mynci
42. Orange Mynci
Red Techo
43. Red Techo
Yellow Pteri
44. Yellow Pteri
Bri Codestone
45. Bri Codestone
46. Cocobolas
Engraved Boomerang
47. Engraved Boomerang
Fumpu Leaf Medallion
48. Fumpu Leaf Medallion
49. Gulper
Hannah the Usul
50. Hannah the Usul
Har Codestone
51. Har Codestone
52. Kastraliss
Lu Codestone
53. Lu Codestone
Mau Codestone
54. Mau Codestone
55. Mudslide
Mynci Safari Guide
56. Mynci Safari Guide
Peophin Waverider
57. Peophin Waverider
Pteri Lookout
58. Pteri Lookout
59. Quicksand
60. Ramosan
61. Rufus
Salvaged Goods
62. Salvaged Goods
Star Gazing
63. Star Gazing
Tagobo Potion
64. Tagobo Potion
Techo Fisherman
65. Techo Fisherman
Trading Post
66. Trading Post
Undiscovered Treasure
67. Undiscovered Treasure
Wishing Well
68. Wishing Well
Wooden Kougra Totem
69. Wooden Kougra Totem
Wooden Nimmo Totem
70. Wooden Nimmo Totem
Blue Peophin
71. Blue Peophin
Brown Mynci
72. Brown Mynci
Green Kougra
73. Green Kougra
Green Peophin
74. Green Peophin
Red Pteri
75. Red Pteri
White Kougra
76. White Kougra
Yellow Techo
77. Yellow Techo
Acorn Toy
78. Acorn Toy
Baby Blu
79. Baby Blu
Bottle of Green Sand
80. Bottle of Green Sand
Cheesy Pineapple Sticks
81. Cheesy Pineapple Sticks
82. Doughnutfruit
83. Footprints
Funnydew Melon
84. Funnydew Melon
85. Gadgadsbogen
Green Grass Skirt
86. Green Grass Skirt
Guess the Card
87. Guess the Card
Island Lei
88. Island Lei
Kiko Squeeze Toy
89. Kiko Squeeze Toy
Krakuberry Juice
90. Krakuberry Juice
91. Monsoon
Muntando Fruit
92. Muntando Fruit
93. Oops!
94. Primella
95. Purplums
Ring of Weightlessness
96. Ring of Weightlessness
97. Slugawoo
98. Thornberry
Tribal Blowgun
99. Tribal Blowgun
Yellow Grass Skirt
100. Yellow Grass Skirt
Fish Negg Code Card
cc1. Fish Negg Code Card
Kougra Archaeologist Code Card
cc2. Kougra Archaeologist Code Card
Pteri Lookout Code Card
cc3. Pteri Lookout Code Card
Purplum Code Card
cc4. Purplum Code Card