Trading Card Catalog - Hannah and the Ice Caves

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Ancient Tomb
1. Ancient Tomb
Baby Elephante
2. Baby Elephante
Bag of Neopoints
3. Bag of Neopoints
Bori Miner
4. Bori Miner
Bringer of Night
5. Bringer of Night
Cloud Shoyru
6. Cloud Shoyru
Double-Bladed Staff
7. Double-Bladed Staff
Faerie Poogle
8. Faerie Poogle
9. Faerieland
Four-Leaf Clover
10. Four-Leaf Clover
Galem Darkhand
11. Galem Darkhand
Hannah the Cursed
12. Hannah the Cursed
Hannah the Usuki Doll
13. Hannah the Usuki Doll
Healing Springs
14. Healing Springs
Heart of the Mountain
15. Heart of the Mountain
16. Icetravaganza
Jhudoras Quest
17. Jhudoras Quest
Keeper of Time
18. Keeper of Time
19. Misfortune
20. Ona
Snow Aisha
21. Snow Aisha
Snow Bruce
22. Snow Bruce
Snow Faerie Token
23. Snow Faerie Token
Snow Paint Brush
24. Snow Paint Brush
25. Snowickle
Taelia the Snow Faerie
26. Taelia the Snow Faerie
White Hasee
27. White Hasee
Brown Poogle
28. Brown Poogle
Orange Aisha
29. Orange Aisha
Purple Grarrl
30. Purple Grarrl
Red Bori
31. Red Bori
White Shoyru
32. White Shoyru
Yellow Kyrii
33. Yellow Kyrii
Aisha Shopkeeper
34. Aisha Shopkeeper
Bori Guard
35. Bori Guard
Flotsam Raider
36. Flotsam Raider
37. Frostbite
Gelert Wizard
38. Gelert Wizard
Ghost Snowbunny
39. Ghost Snowbunny
Hannahs Magic Rope
40. Hannahs Magic Rope
Invisible Doglefox
41. Invisible Doglefox
42. Kanrik
Kanriks Blade
43. Kanriks Blade
44. Kauvara
Kyrii Thief
45. Kyrii Thief
Lishas Quest
46. Lishas Quest
47. Masila
Masilas Cloak
48. Masilas Cloak
49. Mercenaries
Poogle Merchant
50. Poogle Merchant
51. Selfishness
Soup Faerie
52. Soup Faerie
Spotted Paint Brush
53. Spotted Paint Brush
Tax Beast
54. Tax Beast
Thieves Guild
55. Thieves Guild
Blue Bori
56. Blue Bori
Brown Grarrl
57. Brown Grarrl
Green Gelert
58. Green Gelert
Purple Shoyru
59. Purple Shoyru
Red Poogle
60. Red Poogle
Yellow Bruce
61. Yellow Bruce
Achy Head
62. Achy Head
Alpine Challenger
63. Alpine Challenger
Armin the Small
64. Armin the Small
65. Avalanche
Brooch of Warmth
66. Brooch of Warmth
Bruce Skater
67. Bruce Skater
Clan Mootix
68. Clan Mootix
Cybunny Collector
69. Cybunny Collector
Cybunny Rogue
70. Cybunny Rogue
Elephante Blacksmith
71. Elephante Blacksmith
Gelert Mountain Climber
72. Gelert Mountain Climber
Ghost Negg
73. Ghost Negg
Grarrl Brute
74. Grarrl Brute
Grarrl Warlord
75. Grarrl Warlord
Hagan the Wise
76. Hagan the Wise
Happy Valley
77. Happy Valley
Icy Skeleton Hordes
78. Icy Skeleton Hordes
Island Flotsam
79. Island Flotsam
Kyrii Explorer
80. Kyrii Explorer
Lower Ice Caves
81. Lower Ice Caves
Moehog Chef
82. Moehog Chef
Moehog Footpad
83. Moehog Footpad
84. Niptor
Safety Deposit Box
85. Safety Deposit Box
Shoyru Archer
86. Shoyru Archer
Skarls Orders
87. Skarls Orders
88. Sniffles
Snow Beast
89. Snow Beast
Snowball Flurry
90. Snowball Flurry
Snowflea Grass
91. Snowflea Grass
92. Spellmotes
Terror Mountain
93. Terror Mountain
Valin the Quick
94. Valin the Quick
Warf Rescue Team
95. Warf Rescue Team
Blue Bruce
96. Blue Bruce
Blue Flotsam
97. Blue Flotsam
Blue Moehog
98. Blue Moehog
Green Aisha
99. Green Aisha
Green Cybunny
100. Green Cybunny
Green Moehog
101. Green Moehog
Red Elephante
102. Red Elephante
Red Gelert
103. Red Gelert
Red Kyrii
104. Red Kyrii
Yellow Cybunny
105. Yellow Cybunny
Yellow Elephante
106. Yellow Elephante
Yellow Flotsam
107. Yellow Flotsam
Abominable Snowball
108. Abominable Snowball
109. Awakening
Blue Scorchstone
110. Blue Scorchstone
Bracers of Defence
111. Bracers of Defence
112. Candychan
Change of Plan
113. Change of Plan
Crystal Ball
114. Crystal Ball
Elite Blaster
115. Elite Blaster
Evil Snowball
116. Evil Snowball
Faerie Guardian
117. Faerie Guardian
118. Faeriecinths
119. Feepit
Fire and Ice Blade
120. Fire and Ice Blade
Form Up!
121. Form Up!
Frozen Longbow
122. Frozen Longbow
Fyoras Blessing
123. Fyoras Blessing
Gelert Plushie
124. Gelert Plushie
Good Snowball
125. Good Snowball
Gracklebug Paste
126. Gracklebug Paste
Hot Chocolate
127. Hot Chocolate
Icy Negg
128. Icy Negg
The Legend of Jeran
129. The Legend of Jeran
Lemon Snow Puff
130. Lemon Snow Puff
Mark of Ta-Kutep
131. Mark of Ta-Kutep
Masilas Brooch
132. Masilas Brooch
Moehog Plushie
133. Moehog Plushie
Omelette of the Faeries
134. Omelette of the Faeries
Pickled Greeble Tongue
135. Pickled Greeble Tongue
136. Polarchuck
Purrows Amulet
137. Purrows Amulet
138. Raspberries
Shivering Potion
139. Shivering Potion
Slorg Slime
140. Slorg Slime
Snow Flame
141. Snow Flame
Snowager Ice Lolly
142. Snowager Ice Lolly
Snowager Scale
143. Snowager Scale
144. Snowberries
Spotted Meowclops
145. Spotted Meowclops
Strawberry Brucicle
146. Strawberry Brucicle
Thawing Potion
147. Thawing Potion
Thin Ice
148. Thin Ice
Wand of Ice
149. Wand of Ice
150. Yullie
Jelly Poogle
151. Jelly Poogle
Jelly Shoyru
152. Jelly Shoyru
Jelly World
153. Jelly World
Jelly Puppyblew
154. Jelly Puppyblew
Orange Jelly
155. Orange Jelly
Cybunny Collector Code Card
cc1. Cybunny Collector Code Card
Icetravaganza Code Card
cc2. Icetravaganza Code Card
Soup Faerie Code Card
cc3. Soup Faerie Code Card
Tax Beast Code Card
cc4. Tax Beast Code Card