Trading Card Catalog - Curse of Maraqua

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The Black Pawkeet
1. The Black Pawkeet
2. Caylis
Chasm Beast
3. Chasm Beast
The Drenched
4. The Drenched
Faerie Circle
5. Faerie Circle
Garins Redemption
6. Garins Redemption
Ghost Yurble
7. Ghost Yurble
8. Goregas
9. Isca
Maraquan Chomby
10. Maraquan Chomby
Maraquan Krawk
11. Maraquan Krawk
Maraquan Paint Brush
12. Maraquan Paint Brush
Maraquan Scorchio
13. Maraquan Scorchio
14. Meepit
Nereid the Water Faerie
15. Nereid the Water Faerie
One Dubloon Coin
16. One Dubloon Coin
Rainbow Pearl
17. Rainbow Pearl
Starry Tuskaninny
18. Starry Tuskaninny
Tears of Caylis
19. Tears of Caylis
Walk the Plank
20. Walk the Plank
Brown Scorchio
21. Brown Scorchio
Green Flotsam
22. Green Flotsam
Red Krawk
23. Red Krawk
Against the Odds
24. Against the Odds
Angry Giants
25. Angry Giants
Black Pearl
26. Black Pearl
Captain Scarblade
27. Captain Scarblade
28. Confusion
Garin the Foolish
29. Garin the Foolish
30. Gathow
Island Hasee
31. Island Hasee
Island Negg
32. Island Negg
King Kelpbeard
33. King Kelpbeard
Krawk Braggart
34. Krawk Braggart
Lenny Sorcerer
35. Lenny Sorcerer
Lightning Conductor
36. Lightning Conductor
Maraquan Harp
37. Maraquan Harp
New Maraqua
38. New Maraqua
Old Maraqua
39. Old Maraqua
Petpetpet Swarm
40. Petpetpet Swarm
41. Pollution
Regulation Crossbow
42. Regulation Crossbow
Scorchio Avenger
43. Scorchio Avenger
44. Screal
Tournament Arena
45. Tournament Arena
46. Trunkard
47. Whirlpool
White Pearl
48. White Pearl
Yurble Raider
49. Yurble Raider
Zombie Flotsam
50. Zombie Flotsam
Green Scorchio
51. Green Scorchio
Yellow Krawk
52. Yellow Krawk
Yellow Lenny
53. Yellow Lenny
Apprentice Wand
54. Apprentice Wand
Benny the Blade
55. Benny the Blade
Chomby Genie
56. Chomby Genie
Brightvale Castle
57. Brightvale Castle
Chomby Plushie
58. Chomby Plushie
Defender of Ador
59. Defender of Ador
60. Florg
Flotsam Hunter
61. Flotsam Hunter
Fyoras Palace Guards
62. Fyoras Palace Guards
Glowing Babaa
63. Glowing Babaa
64. Gnarfas
Gypsys Curse
65. Gypsys Curse
Jacques the Swift
66. Jacques the Swift
Jhudoras Bodyguards
67. Jhudoras Bodyguards
Lenny Librarian
68. Lenny Librarian
Maractite Trident
69. Maractite Trident
Mutant Peo
70. Mutant Peo
71. Petrification
Rotten Negg
72. Rotten Negg
Scurvy Island
73. Scurvy Island
74. Smite
Smugglers Cove
75. Smugglers Cove
Swordmaster Talek
76. Swordmaster Talek
Tors Gamble
77. Tors Gamble
Tuskaninny Sailor
78. Tuskaninny Sailor
Underwater Discovery
79. Underwater Discovery
White Primella
80. White Primella
Blue Chomby
81. Blue Chomby
Blue Lenny
82. Blue Lenny
Blue Yurble
83. Blue Yurble
Green Tuskaninny
84. Green Tuskaninny
Green Yurble
85. Green Yurble
Red Flotsam
86. Red Flotsam
Red Tuskaninny
87. Red Tuskaninny
Yellow Chomby
88. Yellow Chomby
89. Alchemy
Battle of Wits
90. Battle of Wits
Blue Cocofizz
91. Blue Cocofizz
92. Cabbage
93. Catch!
Chocolate Cybunnies
94. Chocolate Cybunnies
Coral Bracelet
95. Coral Bracelet
Coral Fruit
96. Coral Fruit
97. Corrode
Everlasting Porridge
98. Everlasting Porridge
Faerie Tales
99. Faerie Tales
100. Ghoti
101. Gooseberries
Illusens Faerie Globe
102. Illusens Faerie Globe
Illusens Potion Book
103. Illusens Potion Book
Iscas Necklace
104. Iscas Necklace
Juppie Juice
105. Juppie Juice
Maractite Armour
106. Maractite Armour
Maractite Axe
107. Maractite Axe
Maractite Shield
108. Maractite Shield
Maractite Sword
109. Maractite Sword
Maraquan Jellypops
110. Maraquan Jellypops
111. Mazzew
112. Peo
Pirate Cutlass
113. Pirate Cutlass
Ring of the Deep
114. Ring of the Deep
Sea Anemones
115. Sea Anemones
Seaweed Omelette
116. Seaweed Omelette
Something Will Happen
117. Something Will Happen
Tribal Headdress
118. Tribal Headdress
119. Ummagine
Water Mote
120. Water Mote
Alchemy Code Card
cc1. Alchemy Code Card
Chomby Genie Code Card
cc2. Chomby Genie Code Card
Krawk Braggart Code Card
cc3. Krawk Braggart Code Card
Rotten Negg Code Card
cc4. Rotten Negg Code Card