Trading Card Catalog - The Darkest Faerie

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Baby Buzz
1. Baby Buzz
Cloud Paint Brush
2. Cloud Paint Brush
The Dancer
3. The Dancer
Darkest Faerie Doll
4. Darkest Faerie Doll
The Darkest Faerie
5. The Darkest Faerie
Darkest Knight
6. Darkest Knight
Draik Blacksmith
7. Draik Blacksmith
Endless Staircase
8. Endless Staircase
Faerie Kacheek
9. Faerie Kacheek
Faerie Paint Brush
10. Faerie Paint Brush
The First to Rise
11. The First to Rise
Fyoras Rod
12. Fyoras Rod
The Gatherer
13. The Gatherer
Ghost Koi
14. Ghost Koi
15. Ghostkerchief
The Hunter
16. The Hunter
Ixi Hunter
17. Ixi Hunter
Jerdana, Imprisoned
18. Jerdana, Imprisoned
King Altador
19. King Altador
20. Malice
Plushie Blumaroo
21. Plushie Blumaroo
The Protector
22. The Protector
Roberta of Brightvale
23. Roberta of Brightvale
Sorcerers Wand
24. Sorcerers Wand
25. Spite
Tainted Meridell
26. Tainted Meridell
The Thief
27. The Thief
Twelve-Leaf Clover
28. Twelve-Leaf Clover
29. Vanity
Wand of the Swamp Witch
30. Wand of the Swamp Witch
31. Altador
Altadorian Crest
32. Altadorian Crest
Altadorian Plate
33. Altadorian Plate
Altadorian Sword
34. Altadorian Sword
Angry Tax Beast
35. Angry Tax Beast
36. Annihilation
Bandit Knife
37. Bandit Knife
Bogshot Village
38. Bogshot Village
Bori Mage
39. Bori Mage
Bruce Farmer
40. Bruce Farmer
The Collector
41. The Collector
Divine Intervention
42. Divine Intervention
Eyrie Defender
43. Eyrie Defender
Faerie Asparagus
44. Faerie Asparagus
The Farmer
45. The Farmer
Fire Faerie Doll
46. Fire Faerie Doll
Fire Noil
47. Fire Noil
48. Florin
Juppie Plant Beast
49. Juppie Plant Beast
Nimmo Traveller
50. Nimmo Traveller
Red Kadoatie
51. Red Kadoatie
52. Retreat!
Skeith Bandit
53. Skeith Bandit
The Sleeper
54. The Sleeper
Tainted Altador
55. Tainted Altador
56. Tor
Treasure Map
57. Treasure Map
Treasurer Gordos
58. Treasurer Gordos
Volcano Cake
59. Volcano Cake
Wocky Sewer Cleaner
60. Wocky Sewer Cleaner
Blue Nimmo
61. Blue Nimmo
Brown Eyrie
62. Brown Eyrie
Green Bori
63. Green Bori
Orange Draik
64. Orange Draik
Orange Kacheek
65. Orange Kacheek
Purple Kacheek
66. Purple Kacheek
Purple Wocky
67. Purple Wocky
Red Bruce
68. Red Bruce
Red Draik
69. Red Draik
Red Koi
70. Red Koi
White Ixi
71. White Ixi
Yellow Skeith
72. Yellow Skeith
Abominable Bori
73. Abominable Bori
The Assassin
74. The Assassin
Blumaroo Apprentice
75. Blumaroo Apprentice
Bruce Watchman
76. Bruce Watchman
Buzz Avenger
77. Buzz Avenger
Clasp of Darkness
78. Clasp of Darkness
Designer Zelroo
79. Designer Zelroo
The Dreamer
80. The Dreamer
Faerie Koi
81. Faerie Koi
82. Fauna
The Gladiator
83. The Gladiator
Kacheek Urchin
84. Kacheek Urchin
Malkus Vile
85. Malkus Vile
Meerca Speed Potion
86. Meerca Speed Potion
Rainbow Cake
87. Rainbow Cake
Royal Faerie Gardens
88. Royal Faerie Gardens
Shadow Eyrie
89. Shadow Eyrie
Skeith Villager
90. Skeith Villager
91. Solarin
Sophies Whim
92. Sophies Whim
Speckled Nimmo
93. Speckled Nimmo
94. Switcheroo
Tainted Draik
95. Tainted Draik
Tainted Harris
96. Tainted Harris
Tainted Ixi
97. Tainted Ixi
Tainted Minions
98. Tainted Minions
The Wave
99. The Wave
Wocky Crusader
100. Wocky Crusader
Blue Buzz
101. Blue Buzz
Blue Eyrie
102. Blue Eyrie
Blue Koi
103. Blue Koi
Green Blumaroo
104. Green Blumaroo
Green Bruce
105. Green Bruce
Green Nimmo
106. Green Nimmo
Red Blumaroo
107. Red Blumaroo
Red Skeith
108. Red Skeith
Yellow Bori
109. Yellow Bori
Yellow Buzz
110. Yellow Buzz
Yellow Ixi
111. Yellow Ixi
Yellow Wocky
112. Yellow Wocky
113. Avarice
Beast Burger
114. Beast Burger
Blue Doglefox
115. Blue Doglefox
Blue Meowclops
116. Blue Meowclops
117. Bogberries
Bottled Air Faerie
118. Bottled Air Faerie
Bottled Dark Faerie
119. Bottled Dark Faerie
Bottled Earth Faerie
120. Bottled Earth Faerie
Bottled Fire Faerie
121. Bottled Fire Faerie
Bottled Light Faerie
122. Bottled Light Faerie
Bottled Water Faerie
123. Bottled Water Faerie
124. Crokabek
Dinner Is Served
125. Dinner Is Served
126. Disarm
Faerie Festival
127. Faerie Festival
128. Flowper
Fog Mote
129. Fog Mote
Green Turmac
130. Green Turmac
Ixi Plushie
131. Ixi Plushie
132. Kidnapped
Kiss the Mortog
133. Kiss the Mortog
Koi Plushie
134. Koi Plushie
135. Kookith
136. Kreldyfloss
Kreludan Blade
137. Kreludan Blade
Letters of Devotion
138. Letters of Devotion
Magic Robes
139. Magic Robes
140. Onions
Purple Juppie
141. Purple Juppie
Rainbow Flare
142. Rainbow Flare
Red Mazzew
143. Red Mazzew
Rock Mote
144. Rock Mote
Snotty Ghost Toast
145. Snotty Ghost Toast
Spyder Juice Elixir
146. Spyder Juice Elixir
Tors Challenge
147. Tors Challenge
Turmac Roll
148. Turmac Roll
Twist of Fate
149. Twist of Fate
Yellow Gallion
150. Yellow Gallion
Amulet of Thilg
151. Amulet of Thilg
Bewitched Ring
152. Bewitched Ring
Fyora, Tower Guardian
153. Fyora, Tower Guardian
The Hidden Tower
154. The Hidden Tower
Wand of Ultranova
155. Wand of Ultranova
Green Bori (Sketch Card)
S1. Green Bori (Sketch Card)
Green Blumaroo (Sketch Card)
S2. Green Blumaroo (Sketch Card)
Red Bruce (Sketch Card)
S3. Red Bruce (Sketch Card)
Blue Buzz (Sketch Card)
S4. Blue Buzz (Sketch Card)
Red Draik (Sketch Card)
S5. Red Draik (Sketch Card)
Blue Eyrie (Sketch Card)
S6. Blue Eyrie (Sketch Card)
White Ixi (Sketch Card)
S7. White Ixi (Sketch Card)
Purple Kacheek (Sketch Card)
S8. Purple Kacheek (Sketch Card)
Blue Koi (Sketch Card)
S9. Blue Koi (Sketch Card)
Green Nimmo (Sketch Card)
S10. Green Nimmo (Sketch Card)
Red Skeith (Sketch Card)
S11. Red Skeith (Sketch Card)
Purple Wocky (Sketch Card)
S12. Purple Wocky (Sketch Card)
Angry Tax Beast Code Card
cc1. Angry Tax Beast Code Card
Kacheek Urchin Code Card
cc2. Kacheek Urchin Code Card
Malkus Vile Code Card
cc3. Malkus Vile Code Card
Treasure Map Code Card
cc4. Treasure Map Code Card