Neopets KeyQuest!

The future of Neopia is here!

Finally, Neopets has released some more information on Neopets KeyQuest! Which was originally mentioned in the press release announcing the licensing agreement with JAKKS Pacific.

Each Plushie’s Tag contains a Virtual Prize Code that not only awards you a special virtual item, but also a virtual “KeyQuest Token” that you can use to play the KeyQuest game that releases this spring!

Your KeyQuest tokens will be stored in your Collector’s Case for all of Neopia to view!

Neopets also has some preliminary photos of the upcoming KeyQuest world!

KeyQuest will allow you to play, and chat, with your friends in real time!

In addition to the Plushies, Neopets has officially announced their new line of trading cards! (editors note: they are not part of the TCG, just collectors cards) which will be hitting stores soon! As expected, each pack will also contain a Virtual Prize code!

As usual, more information will be posted as it becomes available.

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Virtual Items!

Based on Google searches that direct people to this site, a lot of people are looking for lists of the rare items that you can get with the Virtual Prize Codes from the new plushies.
So I’ve added a new feature!
Virtual items will now display at the bottom of the items page if that item comes with a code! (if an item was distributed with a code card, the virtual items will be displayed with the code card, not the item) Anyways, check out the Rainbow Cybunny for an example!

Another new feature “Alternate Images”!
I’ve also added another table on the item page showing different views of things (to ensure your Shoyru has two eyes and your Kookith four legs!)
Check out the Faerie Acara for an example.

New Plushies!

Happy Birthday Adam!

Coming soon to a retailer near you!

Today, Neopets has announced a new giveaway!
They’re giving 1,000 plushies away a week for the next six weeks and one person will win a set of twelve!

All plushies are from the new, soon to be released, line by Jakks Pacific.

More information as it’s available

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