New Apparel!

New Neopets T-Shirts and other clothing items by H3 Sportgear are starting to show up in Hot Topic Stores and on their website!

Check them out here!

A few other items will be released over the next few weeks, see something we haven’t? Let us know!

(Note that the first round of shirts released on Hot Topic’s website are print on demand and only available online (the shirts with one design on one of ten different blanks), these are a lot better quality.)

New Merch Announced!

In addition to working with What’s your Passion Jewelry, Geekify, and Hot Topic, Neopets has announced the following new partnerships for upcoming merch:

H3 Apparel: Neopets has partnered with H3 Sportgear for a line of men’s, women’s, junior’s and children’s accessories and headwear featuring Neopets graphics. The program will kick off just in time for the holiday season at Hot Topic physical retail stores with a selection of Neopet’s T-shirts and joggers.”

Squip: Starting in Spring 2021, will be offering full color print-on-demand 3D figures of Neopets favorites like Dr.Sloth, Hannah and the Kougra.”

“In addition, Neopets is recognizing the passion and skill of its artist fanbase by launching a fan artist partnership program. Neopets will hire artists from the community to create designs and art for licensees and new merchandise. The program will begin with Krista Staggs – also known as @Kuitsuku – the longtime Neopets artist who has been featured in lootcrate and Kotaku and Anthony Conley the designer behind many of the Neopets, petpets, faeries and popular plot characters in 2000’s, As the program expands in 2021, Neopets will be adding new artists and merchandise.”

Full Press Release

Neopets at NYCC @ Home

What’s Your Passion Jewelry has launched the second wave of their successful Neopets fine jewelry line to co-inside with New York Comic Con. These pieces are available for preorder, and if you place an order before October 31st you get 15% off any Neopets items as well as two rare item codes from each of the wave two pieces. Please note that the rare item codes work a bit differently this time around. In the initial launch, the Virtual Item that you received matched the real life item that you purchased. In wave two the items come from a pool of different ones so it’s luck of the draw.