Trading Cards + a contest!

EDIT: New Contest end date! – you can now enter until January 31st (more details in comments)

Trading Card lists are live!

Now you can add your wants/needs/trades to lists that you can share publicly so you can easily keep track of what you have.

There are detailed notes on Trading Card Lists as well as information on how you can help transcribe Trading Card descriptions/flavor text here.

To celebrate, anyone who creates a Trading Card list and shares it with at least one friend before the end of the year will be entered in a contest to win one of five Neopets Virtual Prize Codes. Please see comments for further details.

We’re Back!

Real life got in the way a bit, but we’re back! There are still a few kinks (admittedly I just rewrote code that failed instead of rebuilding the site from scratch) The forum is still down and because user accounts are tied to the forum, currently anything that involves logging in is down. In the interim, if you run into anything insane, feel free to shoot me a message (the contact form works and alerts me via text message!) If you notice any items missing from the database feel free to shoot me message (photos are great too!) Items that are showing but without a photo – the photos exist, the database just ate them. I’m working on it!

and in case you missed it, the secret Neocam is still in the Box of Clockwork Grundos.
Click it to check it out!

Wishlists are here!

You can now create your own Neopets Merchandise wishlist here at!
select the items you want and then send your list to all your friends!

You are also able to create a list of your collection! keep detailed records of all of your Neopets stuff!

Click “Add to Wishlist” or “Add to My Collection” on any item detail page to get started. (clicking one of these for the first time creates your list in the system)
Afterwards, click Your Wishlist or Your Collection on the left menu to edit it.

You will need to have a registered account to create either (click register on the top right)
Check out Sample lists here:

This system is in BETA what that means is that there may be some weird bugs or things that don’t work right. If you come across anything odd, please use the contact us link on the left menu to let me know. If you could provide as much detail as possible as to what you were doing when it happened I’d appreciate it!

I am aware of a minor bug when adding an item to either list. It should display a confirmation message, but it does not.
Also, items listed on your lists are sorted in a way that only makes sense to the database, I’m working on it as I type this, and it should sort (by default) by item name, and you’ll be able to autosort by release date, type, etc.

Thanks to all for visiting the site while I was working on setting this up, and as always, please feel free to use the contact us link if you have any comments/questions/suggestions/etc/

News Posting software!

I couldn’t find any news posting software that I liked.. so I coded my own! and it works! almost… I’m still testing the archive links and such, so the ‘older news’ link at the bottom doesn’t work at the moment. Also I haven’t quite figured out how I want the comments to work.. probably going to be my project for Christmas eve. Enjoy!

News before the news

This is just an archive of the news before the news posting software.

    • Good Morning!
  • Welcome to! Soon to be a complete database of every piece of Neopets merchandise ever released!
  • Items will be added constantly until the database is complete!
  • *NEW*We’re also accepting images of your Collections as well as any Custom ‘stuff’ that you’ve made.
  • Link on the left! and it works!
  • Now you can view the Collections images that have been submitted! (only mine so far *ahem*) Click ‘Collections’ on the left.
  • Note: the site is still acting funky in Internet Explorer (it’s breaking the table..) I’ll fix it soon..
  • Note: please be aware that the catalog link on the left displays every item in the database on one page! it will take a while to load.. (search box only displays at max 30 results)
    the next update will address this (and separate items on multiple pages.)
  • I really need newsposting software
  • ‘My Collection’ and ‘My Wishlist’ are coming soon! So you will be able to track your collection
    and show all your friends what they should’ve bought you for Christmas!