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Neopets are featured in an article in the latest issue of The Pop Insider.

The article discusses the site and some of The Neopets Team’s future plans, as well as spotlighting some of the merch available and providing some insight into new items!

Of note:

Geekify is hard at work in the product lab with Negg squishies, Dubloons and Neopoint coins, keychains, a Tarot deck, a wallet, and more pin sets in the pipeline.

The Pop Insider – Issue 10 – Summer 2021

[John] Taylor [of Geekify] says that there are plans in place to create pins of the individual Neopets species at some point, too.

The Pop Insider – Issue 10 – Summer 2021

Fans can also expect to see long-awaited plush Neopets and Petpet characters, Petpet keychains, and original designs created by artists from the Neopets community.

The Pop Insider – Issue 10 – Summer 2021

Read the whole article here, and as always, we’ll keep you informed when any new Neomerch drops!

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Open Call for Community Artists

Neopets is looking for artists who are interested in creating art for merch as part of their Community Artist Program. Current Community artists include (former Neopets Team member) Anthony Conley and (fan favorite artist) Krista Staggs. All selected artists will receive credit and compensation for their designs.

Contact neopets via email at communityart@neopets.com for more details!

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What’s Your Passion – Neopets Pride Update

What’s Your Passion Jewelry has just announced that in addition to now being available year-round, 10% of all sales of their Neopets Pride merch will be donated to the It Gets Better Project!

Check out all the items here (note that they are still preorder and expected to ship in the next month)

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Neopets Shop Pride Collection and International Shipping!

Neopets Shop has just launched their Pride Collection! 20% of the total sale price of any of the five items sold will be donated to the It Gets Better Project, which provides critical support and hope to LGBTQ+ young people around the world.

Additionally, Neopets Shop has rolled out much requested international shipping many of their items!

EDIT: Per the manufacturer, the Crop Top S/XS fits sizes 0-6 and M/L fits sizes 6-10. You’ll find size charts for the other Neopets Shop clothing items here.

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Merch Update

In todays Neopets Producer Update on YouTube more Pride merch was discussed and coming to the Neopets Shop soon! A portion of the proceeds from these items will be donated to charity.

Additionally they are looking at early July for the launch of new plush, including the first ever Draik plushie and petpets!

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Neopets Shop

Today Neopets has launched Neopets Shop which currently features custom t-shirts and accessories some of which can be personalized!

Be sure to check out the Altador Cup themed items as well as the Community Art section, which currently features three designs by Anthony Conley and Kuitsuku!

Additionally, Neopets sent out a press release announcing the new store which included the following information:

Fans are asked to stay tuned, as long-awaited Petpet keychains, Neopet plushies, including the brand’s first Draik plushie, and other new products inspired by the virtual world of Neopia, will be hitting the store in the months to come!

Full Press Release is available here.

You can use the code NEOPIAN15 to receive 15% off of your first order! If you have Neopets Premium, be sure to check your NeoMail, for a 20% off coupon (Premium Member coupon is only valid until May 31st)

Note that as of now items can only be shipped within the US and PR, and the items do not come with virtual prize codes.

Update: Neopets has stated that they are working with their partner to add a much requested sizing chart for the apparel and international shipping.

Further Update: Neopets Shop Customer Support has provided these sizing charts: ShirtsTank Tops

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What’s Your Passion Jewelry Prize Code Update!

Gilroy is going to be super busy!

What’s Your Passion Jewelry has provided the following exciting update about Virtual Prize Codes with their Neopets merchandise!

Hey Neopians!

Since the Neopets community has been so wonderful and supportive, we have added a new bonus system to our Neopets merchandise!

As many of y’all know, we shipped out the majority of the new pin orders… and many of you are already receiving them! If you ordered 4 or more pins, you’ll see an extra code included that is marked T2…

Now, not only will every pin come with an individual rare item code (T1), but with a pin purchase totaling $45 or more, each order will also receive a super rare item code (T2) as an extra bonus! The jewelry will continue to come with ultra-rare (T3) codes!

We’ve also been approved to extend the T2 codes to anyone that has purchased 4+ pins previously. We’ll be sending out additional emails with individual codes. Please bear with us as we go through the backlog and prepare to send out the codes.

Thank you!
Ari and Avital

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Great News!

Geekify has been cleared to give a Virtual Prize Code for each pin/patch purchased! (previously you were only awarded a Prize Code if you purchased a full set) You will still also receive a high-tier prize code for purchasing a full set. (so a total of 7 codes plus 1 high-tier code for purchasing the full set of eight pins)

Virtual items awarded from the individual item codes come from a separate pool of prizes than the super rare items that you can receive with a full set code!

You can view the virtual items from the new codes here. You can view the high-tier code items here.

Get an item we don’t have listed? Let us know!

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