Upcoming Merch News

Neopets are featured in an article in the latest issue of The Pop Insider.

The article discusses the site and some of The Neopets Team’s future plans, as well as spotlighting some of the merch available and providing some insight into new items!

Of note:

Geekify is hard at work in the product lab with Negg squishies, Dubloons and Neopoint coins, keychains, a Tarot deck, a wallet, and more pin sets in the pipeline.

The Pop Insider – Issue 10 – Summer 2021

[John] Taylor [of Geekify] says that there are plans in place to create pins of the individual Neopets species at some point, too.

The Pop Insider – Issue 10 – Summer 2021

Fans can also expect to see long-awaited plush Neopets and Petpet characters, Petpet keychains, and original designs created by artists from the Neopets community.

The Pop Insider – Issue 10 – Summer 2021

Read the whole article here, and as always, we’ll keep you informed when any new Neomerch drops!

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