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    Some notes on the new NeoMerch:

    It’s been a long ride, but I’m excited to get things working again and give NeoMerch a whole new look and provide some additional tools to support our great habit.

    If you had an account previously and want your information transferred over, create a new account and send a message with both your new and old usernames. It’s a manual process so it will take a bit of time.

    Outstanding Issues:
    There’s a bug where if you have a logged in page open and log out in another window and you click “Add to List” it will appear to have added to the list, but it does not because your user data is cleared when you log out. I’m going to build in an error message, though I don’t think this will happen very often. (thanks to whomever added to their list but is missing a Starry Elephante Plushie and the Faerieland Playset because it failed)

    Presently the search box only searches by merch name. My intent is for it to search item name, description, and mfr, and to also include the entire original news post database as well as the new one which has proven to be a bit more difficult so it got moved lower on the list) this involves indexing the entire merch database. I’ll do it on a day I feel really daring. I also intend to shift the search box to the menu bar (wordpress is fighting me on this one)
    update: database has been upgraded to do all the fancy things, I need to fix a minor issue with the way manufacturer data is being handled, but it is otherwise good to go and then I can start testing an advanced search.

    Merch search caps at 30 50 items – this should not have a limit. (will be paginated with the update that includes advanced search)

    You are unable to change your forum profile photo. (this is a feature, not a bug and due to COPPA laws – you can update it on if you so desire)

    The layout is doing something wonky with the footer on certain pages. it has to do with the way that WordPress processes variables. it’s not high on the list, but I’ll fix it.

    What’s being worked on:
    TCG – I’m missing a few promo cards, any of the holofoil variants (that came in theme decks), as well as all of the code cards. If you have scans, please send them (click upload under photos) and I’ll add them to the database.
    TCG – lists are filtering alphabetically (by number) and not numerically. it’s a quick fix that’s just here to remind me to do it.
    Additional List types – If this is something that interests people, the ability to create multiple item lists instead of just wishlist/collection lists.
    Tweaks to the layout to make it functional.
    Virtual Item Prizes – I’m slowly compiling a list of them all to upload with a focus on new merch first. If you have received a prize that isn’t listed, please let me know! (Jellyneo is also compiling data for their Item Database, which is where I’m pulling a lot of info from – they have a form here to let them know what you got from which item)

    Latest Updates:
    – Fixed a bug with Printable Checklists where it would fail when adding to a Collection.
    – TCG Catalog is live (see separate post with details)
    – TCG Lists are live
    – Old News posts and comments have been added to the new database, some links don’t work, but the most important one does.
    – I’m trying to upload at least a few items every day. Some days it’s just existing items getting better images. We’re nearing 1300 2100 items in the database.

    I’ve got a pretty detailed record of stuff (it’s my own personal collection) but if you have something that isn’t on the list, by all means post it on the thread in the site forum and I’ll add it quicker.

    A note on Buy/Sell/Trade – due to liability issues, we can’t yet support B/S/T here. You are welcome to note what you are looking for in your lists but transactions must occur offsite. Please be mindful of the internet before sending anyone information/money. Please see the B/S/T Forum for dedicated B/S/T groups.

    User Suggestions:
    This is where I’ll put things that you guys ask for. (so please feel free to ask!)
    – Chocolate Chias

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