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    Some notes on the new NeoMerch:

    It’s been a long ride, but I’m excited to get things working again and give NeoMerch a whole new look and provide some additional tools to support our great habit.

    If you had an account previously and want your information transferred over, create a new account and send a message with both your new and old usernames. It’s a manual process so please don’t expect it to be automatic.

    Outstanding Issues:
    Trading Card collection/trade/wishlists are not yet live. database needs to be updated to new user accounts and then I can flip that switch.

    WOTC TCG is not live. (this is a simple data import, which I’ll do once the database is updated)

    Presently the search box only searches merch. My intent is to also include the entire original news post database as well as the new one which has proven to be a bit more difficult so it got moved lower on the list)

    Merch search caps at 30 50 items – this should not have a limit.

    Some trading card images are broken (or most of them at this point) (I had to rewrite the entire database that held all site images, so the individual items need to be connected with the new images)

    Some RIC images are broken

    Some KeyQuest tokens are missing from the list (they’re the ones that don’t associate with plush, so it’s not high on my list)

    You are unable to change your profile photo. (this is a feature, not a bug – you can update it on if you so desire)

    I changed the way items get added to the database which allows for blank values. (I’d rather the item there with some information, than not there waiting until we have all the information) this is causing the January 1 1970 release date (that date is “internet zero” for lack of a better way to describe it. It will display blank or read ‘unknown’ in a future update.

    What’s being worked on:
    TCG collection/trade/wishlists
    TCG – cards loaded into the database
    Admin – ability for admin to easily add/edit items, as well as for logged in users to submit updated photos and missing information.
    Photos – I need to rework the photo upload system so that it fits all the checks and balances of the laws that have been passed over the last few years.
    Additional List types – this won’t happen right away, but I intend to add the ability for a user to create multiple lists for various purposes.

    I’ve got a pretty detailed record of stuff (it’s my own personal collection) but if you have something that isn’t on the list, by all means post it on the thread in the site forum.

    A note on Buy/Sell/Trade – due to liability issues, we can’t support B/S/T here. Please see the B/S/T Forum for links to places where you can.

    User Wishlist:
    This is where I’ll put things that you guys ask for. (so please feel free to ask!)

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