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    Hi all!

    The trading card database upgrades are complete and I dumped everything I had available into them.

    I’ve also made trading card wishlists/collection lists/trade lists live.

    Some notes:
    If you’d like to help transcribe the card descriptions/flavor text, while you are logged in, hit the ‘report an error’ button on the individual card page. This will provide you with a form to fill out that I can then import.

    I’m missing a few of the promo cards, some of the foil variants (all from the Kruidvat set, and the ones from the WotC theme decks), and all of the virtual prize cards. If you have photos of any, I’d appreciate it if you submitted them (here) with a note about what series it’s from and I’ll add it asap. (same goes for any items that are not yet in the database that you’d like to see quicker)

    Also, I made some updates to the way the lists display, which, if the feedback is positive, I will update the regular wishlists/trade lists are displayed. If you have any other suggestions or wants, please let me know. (I’m also considering adding a filter so it will show just a specific series, would that be helpful?)

    Lastly, is there a need for more than three lists? (wishlist, collection, trade) it will be a bit of work, but I can change it so that you can create an unlimited number of lists if that is something that people would get use out of.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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