Cloth Map of Neopia

Cloth Map of Neopia
Type: Lifestyle

Release Date: May 07 2021

Manufacturer: Geekify

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Status: Current

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From the far reaches of Lutari Island to the distant moon of Kreludor, the world of Neopia is a vast and exciting land, home to explorers, adventurers, and all of the species of Neopets. Some are steadfast friends (or good-natured rivals)…and some villainous characters are would-be conquerors or rulers, and everything in between. This sprawling cloth map covers many of the landmarks and regions of modern day Neopia, for easy reference to what’s where in the wide world of Neopets! Measuring approximately 22″ x 36″ and made flexible poly-cotton material, this gorgeous map is just the thing to showcase in your collection. This is officially licensed merchandise from Neopets / Jumpstart Neopets © 1999-2021 All Rights Reserved. Artwork by Aimee Scholz

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