Escaping Neopets Notebook

Escaping Neopets Notebook
Type: Stationery

Release Date: November 10 2001


Where To Buy: Neopets Merchandise Test, Limited Too

Status: Retired

Virtual Prize Code: Yes

Originally released at Neopets merchandise test in three stores in Southern California, this notebook was also available at Limited Too. Includes a Rare Item Code!

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Virtual Items
You will receive one of these virtual items at random (unless otherwise noted) when entering the code with this item
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This code pool was shared between the Space Faerie Code Card as well as the original run of merch.

Angelpuss Socks

Authentic Grass Skirt

Bacheek Plushie

Cobrall Wand

Earth Faerie Outfit

Faerie Acara Plushie

Faerie Amulet

Faerie Shield

Faerieland Poster

Ferocious Snowager Plushie

Geb Plushie


Green Alien Aisha Plushie

Ice Caves Jacket

Ice Caves Shield

Lost Desert Poster

Mystery Island Poster

NeoQuest Amulet

NeoQuest Cloak

NeoQuest Plushie

NeoQuest Poster

NeoQuest Rod

Ooga Book

Quest Spells

Raising Baby Grundo

Sakhmetian Toga

Scarab Amulet

Snowager Poster

Snowager Saga

Snowager Tooth Amulet

Space Amulet

Space Jacket

Space Poster

Space Shield

Tiki Amulet

Tiki Plushie

Tiki Staff

Tree Magic

Tyrannian Amulet

Tyrannian Horn

Tyrannian Jacket

Tyrannian Poster

Tyrannian Time Travel
Items purchased from Limited Too included a code for a random item from this pool.

Aisha Compact Mirror

Aisha Ears

Aisha Potion

Aisha Sword

Chia Comb

Chia Cookie Jar

Chia Lollypop

Chia Mustard

Chia Pillow

Cybunny Bouncy Ball

Cybunny Ears

Cybunny Piggy Bank

Diamond Cybunny

Flaming Scorch Candy

Magical Glowing Carrot

Paper Mache Aisha

Paper Mache Chia

Paper Mache Cybunny

Paper Mache Scorchio

Paper Mache White Aisha

Scorchio Glitter

Scorchio Tail Sword

Scorchy Piggy Bank

White Aisha Cake

White Aisha Collar

White Aisha Compact Mirror

White Aisha Ears

White Aisha Mirror

White Aisha Sword

White Aisha Wobbly Pen