Trading Card Fun Pak 4-pak

Trading Card Fun Pak 4-pak
Type: Trading Cards

Release Date: February 02 2008

Manufacturer: Enterplay

Where To Buy: Target

Status: Retired

Virtual Prize Code: Yes

Four 'paks' of Neopets 'Welcome to Neopia' trading cards.Each 'pak' contains:1 Species Card (36 different ones)1 Standee (18) or Sticker Card (18)1 Basic Card (one of 32 Character, Item or Location Cards)1 Trivia or Mini-Game Card (18)1 FunTats (Tattoos - 18)1 Sweepstakes Card (a chance to win one of five Nintendo Wii systems or one of one-hundred $10 NeoCash Cards!)as well as a virtual prize code card! Your code gives you a virtual item as well as a chance to unlock EXCLUSIVE KeyQuest Tokens!This package also includes an exclusive Holographic character card as well as an additional virtual prize card!!

Key Quest Tokens:
(You will receive this virtual Key Quest Token when you enter the virtual prize code from this item.)
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Princess Amira

The Darkest Faerie

Virtual Items:
(You will receive one of these virtual items at random when entering the code with this item)
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Blueberry Ona Lollypop

Earth Faerie Mushroom Cupcake

Gallion Grog

Kass Kakes

King Altador Pop


Princess Amiras Journal

Soup Faerie Shirt

The Battles of Jeran

The Polarchuck and the Snow Storm

The Yellow Yurble