Illusen Earth Faerie Poster

Illusen Earth Faerie Poster
Type: Posters

Release Date: July 24 2022

Manufacturer: Geekify Inc.

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Status: Current

Virtual Prize Code: Yes

Known for giving out quests to the residents of Neopia, and aid to those who need it, Illusen and her woodland friends make an excellent addition to your wall. Each poster comes with a rare in-game item code! The resident Earth Faerie and patron Faerie of Meridell, Illusen is a nature-loving, strong-willed, and adventurous spirit, known for giving out quests to the residents of Neopia, and aid to those who need it. Pictured in her forest Glade tending the earth, with sunlight dancing around her, Illusen’s companions include a Kacheek pal sleeping peacefully amongst the flowers, while her Faellie cavorts and her shy Symol peeks out of the bushes. Her magic is powerful, but her heart is kind. Whether you’re going on a quest, redecorating to add a hint of goodness, or just have a thing for Neopian Faeries, this magnificent poster of Illusen and her woodland friends from Neopets is just the thing to add to your surroundings, and goes marvelously well with the blanket version of the same image. Great to hang (or even frame) for your wall to add to your Neopets collection. This poster is a standard 18 x 24? size and comes rolled in a poster tube. Each poster also gets a rare Neopets in-game item code! Each poster also includes a rare Neopets item code! See our store for other awesome Neopets merch! This is officially licensed merchandise from Neopets / Jumpstart Neopets © 1999-2022 All Rights Reserved. Artwork by Aimee Scholz

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