Neopets Weekly Series Trading Card Pack

Neopets Weekly Series Trading Card Pack
Type: Trading Cards

Release Date: January 17 2023

Manufacturer: Upper Deck

Where To Buy:

Status: Current

Virtual Prize Code: Yes

Each Tuesday for nine weeks starting January 17th, 2023 499 digital packs will be available on Upper Deck e-Pack. Each pack contains 3 base set cards, 1 baby pet variant card, and has the possibility of a rare Faerie pet variant (1 in six packs), a Code Card (1 in 12 packs), or a 1 of 1 printing plate used in making the set. These digital cards can then be traded on the site or redeemed for their physical counterparts.
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Virtual Items
You will receive one of these virtual items at random (unless otherwise noted) when entering the code with this item
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1 in 12.2 packs include a Code Card which includes a code that can be redeemed for one of these items (at random.)

Decorative Garden Hideaway

Grazing Babaa Plains Background

Painting Weewoo House Trinket