Oh Canada! Purple Chomby Plushie

Oh Canada! Purple Chomby Plushie
Type: Plushies

Release Date: June 27 2008

Manufacturer: JAKKS Pacific

Where To Buy: Neopets Plushie Sweepstakes

Status: Retired

Virtual Prize Code: Yes

Only awarded to 1000 members (over 4 weeks) living in Canada who entered Neopets Canadian Plushie Sweepstakes. It also includes a code that awards an exclusive Virtual Prize!

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Virtual Items
You will receive one of these virtual items at random (unless otherwise noted) when entering the code with this item
Images courtesy Neopets.com
Item data courtesy Jellyneo.net
There were five different versions of this Chomby released (for five different countries) they all shared this prize pool.

Purple Chomby Bubble Bath

Purple Chomby Mint Chip Ice Cream

Purple Chomby Pencil

Purple Chomby Springy Toy