Space Faerie Fleece Blanket

Space Faerie Fleece Blanket
Type: Lifestyle

Release Date: August 19 2020

Manufacturer: Geekify

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Status: Current

Virtual Prize Code: Yes

The Space Faerie Mira is a guardian protector of Neopia from threats from the cold void of space. Known for giving out high-priced quests to the residents of Neopia for fabulous rewards, Mira is also known to shake things up and put up a fight in the Battledome. Spunky, a champion of justice, and immensely powerful, the Space Faerie is pictured in orbit above Neopia with her Grundo and Meerca companions zooming about the outer reaches of the atmosphere, with Kreludor, Neopia, and the VirtuPets Space Station floating in the background. Stay on their good side – Mira is extremely powerful! Whether you’re going on a quest, building an immaculate blanket fort, or just bundling up for winter, this magnificent silk-touch blanket of Space Faerie and her crew from Neopets is just the thing to keep you toasty and cared for. Cuddle up with all your favorite Neopians and pull them close! This blanket is 50 x 60″ and made of polyester fleece, with a marvelous silky touch to it. Great to throw on a couch, on a bed, or snuggle up under while playing Neopets. Take that, Dr. Sloth! Machine Wash Separately, Cold Delicate Machine Dry Separately, Low / Gentle Heat Artwork by Aimee Scholz

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