Obelisk War The Awakened Guild Faction Patch

Obelisk War The Awakened Guild Faction Patch
Type: Clothing

Release Date: August 19 2020

Manufacturer: Geekify

Where To Buy: GeekifyInc.com

Status: Current

Virtual Prize Code: No

The Obelisk War rages on! In Year 15 (2013) of Neopets, an earthquake revealed a tall spire looming over the plains of Tyrannia. After intense excavation efforts by Neopians, the spire was revealed to be a mysterious Obelisk of unknown, but great power. This mysterious power did not go unnoticed. One by one, factions of power in Neopia swore to take the power of this Obelisk for their own reasons. The Thieves Guild, the Sway, the Order of The Red Erisim, the Brute Squad, the Seekers, and lastly the Awakened all rushed to the Obelisk to fight for control of its mysterious power. The Thieves Guild seeks unknown riches. The Sway seeks control of the Obelisk’s power. The Order wants to harness its magic. The Brute Squad seeks to conquer it as a weapon. The Seekers want to study the Obelisk. The Awakened…well. They’re just mad they were left out of the fun. Whichever faction you choose to back, it’s important to show your support! These fully embroidered patches are 3.5″ inches in diameter with an iron-on adhesive backing (or can be sewn, if you prefer) and come with a card backing. Artwork by Aimee Scholz

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