Cui Codestone Enamel Pin

Cui Codestone Enamel Pin
Type: Pins

Release Date: October 19 2020

Manufacturer: Geekify

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Status: Current

Virtual Prize Code: Yes

You won’t need to travel all the way to Mystery Island to train with these new soft enamel Codestone pins! Proudly show off your dedication to training your Neopet with these shiny soft enamel pins of the rare and exotic Codestones of Neopia. Bring the focus and drive of Techo Mountain to your gear with the officially licensed Neopets Codestone V1 set. Should the Techo Master demand payment for imparting his secrets, you’ll be ready! Available individually or as a set, you can choose from the following Codestones in the V1 set: Codestones Lu Codestone Bri Codestone Mau Codestone Tai-Kai Codestone Red Codestones Cui Codestone Mag Codestone Vux Codestone Sho Codestone Each pin is 1.25″ diameter and comes with a card backing. Artwork by Aimee Scholz

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