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Neopets Cookbook Coming Soon!

This morning Neopets and Andrews McMeel Publishing announced a partnership to launch a Neopets Cookbook in Spring of 2023!

“The recipes were carefully developed with special attention to the in-game food, history, storylines and themes of Neopia, while being accessible to beginner cooks and experts alike. Readers can follow along the pages for a host of recipes perfect for each meal of the day.”

“Over the last few years, we’ve been so impressed by our Neopets community as they used their love of Neopets to cook their own Neopets-inspired recipes,” said Michaela Thompson, Marketing Manager of Neopets. “Time and time again, they have inspired us to think of exciting ways to extend the world of Neopets. We’re really honored to bring this cookbook to life and can’t wait to see what our community will create.”

“We’re thrilled to be a part of this exciting new launch with the Neopets team,” said Kirsty Melville, President and Publisher of Andrews McMeel Publishing. “The world of publishing is more innovative than ever and we see that here with concepts from a virtual game coming alive in a tangible cookbook.”

Stay tuned for details!

Read the full press release.

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New Pins and Hats!

Our friends at Geekify have just launched four new sets of Soft Enamel pins and three character hoods!

Heroes and Villains of Neopia featuring some of our very favourite Legends, a set of Stamps and some adorable petpets in Petpets Version 3.

Each are available for preorder and ship at the end June.

Each comes with a Virtual Prize Code and if you purchase a full set of a series you also get a really cool bag to keep them in!

Channel your inner Ixi, Kougra, or Chomby with these really cool Character Hoods!

Each also comes with a virtual prize code and they will ship in August.

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Neopets to auction unique artwork for charity

UPDATE: Auction is live (just don’t outbid me!)

Further Update: Y’all outbid me. Over $106,000 was raised for charity!

We’ve all seen (and been jealous of!) the amazing artwork hanging in The Neopets Team’s offices over the years. Now you will have the chance to own some of it!

In a press release sent out today, Neopets has announced a charity auction to benefit The Trevor Project, Project HOPE, Eden Reforestation Project, and the World Wildlife Fund.

Included are 26 one of a kind paintings or prints featuring famous Neopians including Fyora, Dr. Sloth, Kanrik, Jake the Explorer, and many more! The auctions will begin at GiveSmart on Monday, May 9th at 9am Neopian Time (Pacific) and will end on Sunday, May 15th. Auction link will not be provided until launch, so be sure to be up early on Monday!

“The rich history and vibrant lore of Neopets over the past two decades has culminated in a collection of fine art pieces, posters, and standees from past conventions and events. While the Neopets team greatly treasure these beloved art pieces, we decided that we would part with a selection from our private vault to benefit charity,” said Michaela Thompson, Marketing Manager of Neopets.

“Given the injustices, suffering, and inequity prevalent in the world’s current climate, we wanted to raise money for charities close to the hearts of both our team and our users, while simultaneously sharing this glimpse of iconic Neopets history with the fans. We will proudly distribute 100% of the auction’s proceeds to the selected charities, and we will continue to stand by our convictions to support those in need — which I think we can all agree is a core Neopian value.”

Michaela Thompson – Neopets Marketing Manager

Read the full release here.

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