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Will my store get these?

Will my store get these?

The question I’ve gotten the most since opening this website is “Will my local store be getting the new Plushies?” and to be truthful, I don’t really know.

This is where you come in!
I’ve obtained the UPC (Universal Product Code – number that makes up the Barcode) codes for some of the upcoming items. You can bring these to your local store and scan them, and if the information comes up in the system, then you know that that store will be receiving them!


DPCI is what Target calls their item numbers, SKN is what Toys ‘R’ Us calls theirs. The third box is for Wal-Mart. I would be more than happy to add other numbers if you come across them, especially stores from other parts of the world! (just because the number is used by Target in the USA, doesn’t mean that it will have the same number at Target in another country)

Also be advised that even if these barcodes don’t scan, it does not necessarily mean your store won’t be receiving the items. For example, Target will be carrying the 3-packs of figures, and series 3 of the plushies, but the item numbers haven’t been added to their system yet.

Neopets Promotional CD-Rom

Neopets Promotional CD-Rom

Included exclusively at Target with this past tuesdays DVD release of Spongebob “Pest of the West” is a Neopets Promotional CD-Rom

It contains some of the Neovision videos that appeared on Nickelodeon as well as six Neopets

games, information on the new merchandise releases, as well as a short video (which also

aired on Nickelodeon) that explains Neopets!

Add it to your wishlist today!

Series 2!

Images for series two have been added to the database! Keep an eye out for them in the coming weeks at your local Target store! They will have the same DPCI (Target item number) as series one, which will make them a bit tougher to track down. Don’t forget, once series two is released, Series one will be retired and no longer available!

The KeyQuest page has been updated with the new tokens as well.

KeyQuest Series 3!

This information is by no means official, and subject to change at the flip of the lever of doom, but as of now it is a list of the plushies for series three (July).

Cloud Uni
Faerie Acara
Faerie Aisha
Faerie Ixi
Green Kacheek
Pink Quiggle
Purple Flotsam
Speckled Bruce
Starry Elephante
Strawberry Jubjub
Strawberry Poogle
Strawberry Usul
Striped Xweetok
Yellow Kougra

Many of these are featured in the Video I posted a few days ago, all but the Flotsam.. (that is definitely a Purple Scorchio in the box) Which is why I will not be adding these to the item catalog until I have some more concrete information.