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Neopets comes to NYCC!

It’s Official! For the first time in a long time, Neopets will be visiting the east coast and will be in attendance at New York Comic Con October 5-9th at booth #1324!

Visit their booth to see a sneak peek of the new Faerie’s Hope mobile game. the unveiling of the Neopets Cookbook and Geekify’s Neopets Tarot Card Deck, giveaways, the opportunity to meet Fyora, and much much more!

Update: Get your own digital version of the Alien Aisha promo card on Upper Deck E-Pack here.

Booth #1324 Activities

  • Giveaways:
    • An NYCC exclusive Faerie-themed pin and lanyard from What’s Your Passion Jewelry
    • 3 free Neopets NYCC limited stickers, including a:
      • Neopets Metaverse Shoyru Holographic Sticker
      • Faerie’s Hope Fyora Holographic Sticker
      • Jhudora Holographic Sticker
    • A Neopian Times themed NYCC exclusive pamphlet
    • Multiple sets of the Neopets 5 piece plushie bundle will be given away to randomly selected fans who take a picture at the booth and tag #NeopetsNYCC on their social posts!
  • Interactions:
    • Watch the video trailers for the upcoming release of Neopets: Faerie’s Hope and the current Alpha build of Neopets Metaverse!
    • Come see the latest offering of Neopets Upper Deck Trading Cards! Sign up for an Upper Deck e-Pack to get an Alien Aisha Event Exclusive promo card. Each card includes a code that will allow collectors to add a digital version of the card into their e-Pack™ account
    • Meet the co-author behind the highly-anticipated Official Neopets Cookbook, Erinn Pascal! Erinn will be handing out and signing an exclusive recipe card from the upcoming book, slated to launch June of 2023. October 6th from 10AM-2PM ONLY.
    • Get a first look at the Neopets Tarot Card Deck! Featuring a full set of 78 unique foiled cards and a diverse cast of Neopian heroes, villains, and inhabitants, this Tarot deck is packed with gorgeous art, familiar landscapes, and deep-rooted meanings and symbolism for answering all of life’s questions.
    • Check out the 5 exclusive Neopets pins from What’s Your Passion Jewelry as well as their newly designed Faerie-inspired fine jewelry in ring, earring, and pendant formats.
    • Take your photo with Fyora, the Faerie Queen, for a magical photo opp!

View the full press release here.

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NYCC Sneak Peeks

Our Friends at What’s Your Passion Jewelry will be heading to New York Comic-Con October 6-9th and they’ve got a TON of new Neopets stuff coming with them!

For those not able to attend the items will be available online at WYPJewelry.com starting at 12:01AM Eastern Time on Thursday, October 6th (9:01PM NST on Wednesday).

The SDCC Exclusive items will only be available until Tuesday, October 11th at 11:59PM Eastern Time (8:59PM NST) or While Supplies Last.

They will have five exclusive gold and silver pins that will only be available during the show. (no worries if you can’t make it, they will also be available online!) and just like SDCC there will be (new!) swag sets given out at the show and will be available with a $50 purchase (while they last!) online.

Each will come with a virtual prize code that awards a unique exclusive item!

Update: Due to a shipping issue the Quiggle, Zomutt, and the Faerie Peophin pins didnt make it in time for show open. WYP has made magic happen and they will be available for purchase Friday. Online orders are not affected and will ship when they return from the show.

Next up they will be launching four new regular edition pins!

Each comes with a virtual prize code and the there is a new exclusive prize pool for the UC pet pins!

Lastly, there will be three new pieces of jewelry launching, as well as some new versions of an earlier release!

Each comes with a virtual prize code that awards an exclusive item!

Including Fyora’s Staff earrings (first photo is a 3d render), Fyora’s Crown ring, Illusen’s Bow Pendant, and some new colours for the Faerie Paint Brush Earrings.

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Neopets Tarot Deck

Geekify’s long awaited Neopets Tarot Deck is now available for preorder!

Each full Tarot deck includes 78 foiled cards with new and unique art by Aimee Scholz, Anthony Conley, and Katie Olson! It also includes an illustrated guidebook that includes an explanation and synopsis of each card.

They will ship in December (before Christmas!) and each comes with an exclusive rare Virtual Prize Code!

Update: If you preorder before November 1st you will receive an exclusive bonus designed for the launch of the deck!

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I want a Patamoose for Christmas!

It’s Christmas in July!!

Our friends at Geekify Inc. have just shared some info on upcoming holiday Neopets merchandise.

Be on the lookout for preorders starting next month!

We’ve got a Geekify merch announcement for the upcoming holiday season! We’ve got three new Neopets Christmas ornaments, a stocking, and an all-new Advent Calendar, and possibly some more goodies. We’ll be opening pre-orders next month to help gauge quantities for production.

The original 2020 Advent Calendar was popular, but was made in far less than ideal circumstances. Quick recap – while we worked our buns off on an *extremely* tight timeline (we were given about three weeks to produce several hundred) and used high quality candy melts, some of them appeared to sit in USPS warehouses and on trucks for about three weeks with the first COVID Christmas, making some of them incredibly delayed, and a handful of them appeared to pick up some kind of odor in transit. It was an ambitious project given the tight turnaround, but got hamstrung by a number of factors, and wasn’t received as well as it could have been. Since production is able to start way in advance this time, and we’re partnering with a company that specializes in Advent Calendars make them, we should have no issues with quality or delivery. We’re happy to address any questions, and want to thank the community for sticking by us with our various projects and giving us a chance to help make (increasingly) better merch for the Neopets community, and to make the calendar an annual tradition. Viva la Calendar!

~~ John/Geekify Inc.

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