Usukicon Y25 Swag Bag - Usuki Goodie Bag

Usukicon Y25 Swag Bag - Usuki Goodie Bag

Type: Lifestyle

Item Group: Usukicon Goodie Bag

Release Date: August 24th, 2023

Manufacturer: Geekify Inc.

Status: Current

Available at: Geekify Inc.

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You missed UsukiCon this year? Don’t worry, we saved a swag bag for you, chock full of glorious UsukiCon goodies, and each bag comes with rare in-game item codes!

Aw, man! You missed UsukiCon this year? Don’t worry, we saved a swag bag for you. It’s got all kinds of cool stuff this year: an enamel pin set, a 3D figurine of the Magical Hair Usuki Doll, a recreation of the Year 5 poster in postcard form, a magnetic Usuki dress-up doll, day pass, and all sorts of other cool stuff! It’s not as much fun as being at the Roo Island Games Hall for Roo Handler’s panel on the creation of the Usuki Doll, but hey! Next year let’s make plans to go together and check out the fun at!

If you wanna show off your Usuki Con look with this awesome swag bag, feel free to share it online using the hashtag #UsukiConY25 !

This is a very limited edition run of unique items for all the UsukiCon fans and Neopets enthusiasts. Each set contains:

-Sticker set
-Magnetic dress-up doll and background
-3D Magical Hair Usuki doll figurine
-UsukiCon Silicone Keychain
-Enamel pin set of 8 pins
-Art Print
-Badge & Lanyard
-UsukiCon Y25 Bag

Each set also includes a rare Neopets item codes! See our store for other awesome Neopets merch!

This is officially licensed merchandise from Neopets / Jumpstart Neopets © 1999-2022 All Rights Reserved. Artwork by Aimee Scholz


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