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The question we get most often is "What Neopets stuff can we buy now?" as there has been a ton of Neopets merchandise released over the years but it's often tough to determine what's new or what's retired, so we've compiled this list of everything that is currently available from official sources.

We aren't affiliated with any of the manufacturers/stores (we just love Neomerch!) so if you have any questions about specific items, please direct them to the manufacturer/vendor.

Items that come with Virtual Prize Codes are marked with the Virtual Prize Code Logo.

Geekify and What's Your Passion ship internationally.
Hot Topic is currently only shipping to certain countries outside the US.
Be sure to select the proper Zazzle site (dropdown at the bottom of the page) for localized shipping.
Neopets Shop is shipping most items internationally (each item will show if it is available for international shipping.
More info on Neopets Shop shipping is available here or click here to see only items Neopets Shop items that ship internationally. (note that Plushies will ship internationally including to Australia and New Zealand, despite them not being listed on this page.
Cakeworthy currently only ships to the US, Canada, and the UK. Click here for their shipping policies.

On February 20th, 2024 it was announced that Neopets Shop would temporarily close in one month (March 20th) to transition to a new site/fulfillment partner. The new site is planned to go live later this year and will utilize Neopass to login so that on-site rewards may be automatically collected. It is not currently known whether the existing items will all transition over to the new site.

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