Neopets: The Official Colouring Book

Neopets: The Official Colouring Book

Type: Books

Release Date: March 18th, 2025

Manufacturer: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Status: Future Release

Will be available at: Pre-order on Amazon

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Neopia has been going grey, and it's up to you to bring the colour back! Colour in your favourite Neopets, Petpets, Faeries, and tons more images in Neopets: The Official Colouring Book, with a bonus sheet of high-quality Neopets stickers! Each page in the colouring book is perforated, thick stock, and single-sided.

All the magic has been used up...wait, maybe not. ;)

Grab your Aisha Pencil Sharpener, Scented Yooyuball Markers, Uniocto Crayon Set, or Scritchy Sketchy Paint Brush and get ready to bring the colour back to Neopia in the first-ever colouring book for the iconic Y2K-era computer game. 

You'll need to colour in and out of the lines in order to restore Neopia to its glory. Otherwise, Baelia the Grey Faerie and the rest of Neopia might just stay sad and grey forever . . . 

Neopets: The Official Colouring Book is a gorgeous and relaxing colouring book that will take artists on a journey through all of Neopia's finest, like Faerieland, Tyrannia, Mystery Island, and more. This book has 112 pages of images to colour and includes all of your Neopian favourites, like Jhudora, Illusen, and Queen Fyora, as well as those so-bad-they're-good baddies like Dr. Sloth and Lord Kass. (And don't even get us STARTED on Grundos. There are Grundos. Trust us, there are Grundos.)

  • Features all your favourite Neopets, Faeries, and more 
  • Includes a universal, one-time-use code in the back for an exclusive Neopets item that can be redeemed on the website (just like in Neopets: The Official Cookbook)
  • Includes a high-quality sheet of full-colour stickers in the back 
  • Foreword written by TNT Aesop himself, head of Narrative and Lore at Neopets
  • Each colouring page is perforated and single-sided, so it can be taken out of the colouring book and used for display (or fed to your Kadoatie Petpet ... no judgement)
  • A "must-have" collectible for all Neopets fans! (Maybe even some enemies!)

This is officially licensed merchandise from © Neopets 1999-2025. All Rights Reserved. 


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