Battledome TCG: Official Battledome League (OBL) Season 1 Promo Pack

Battledome TCG: Official Battledome League (OBL) Season 1 Promo Pack

Type: Trading Cards

Item Group: Battledome TCG Tournament Prizes

Release Date: July 18th, 2024

Manufacturer: Upper Deck

Status: Future Release

Will be available at: Awarded for participation during Organized Battledome League play

This item does not include a Virtual Prize Code.


Debuting in 2024 is Neopets Battledome – Trading Card Game, an approachable TCG that celebrates Neopets fandom and brings an easy to learn, difficult to master TCG to the market! The Official Battledome League (OBL) is the organized play program for stores to support players with promo packs for instore events, tournaments and learn to plays. 

2 Card Pack Build: 1 Codestone, 1 Super Rare or Higher 
These promo packs includes all foil cards and 6 exclusive art variants with 16 other unique cards for players to collect
Custom Alt Art variants from fan favorite artist Anthony Conley
Ages 6+ | 2 Players | 20+ Min Playtime 
Packs are not for sale – only to be used as promotional giveaways for instore events

Set Information:
3 Foil Art Variants of fan favorite Legend cards – Breadmaster | Blackwing | Balthazar
3 Foil Art Variants of Codestones – Bri, Eo, Har
16 Foil Variants of of existing art/cards found in Defenders of Neopia Booster Packs 


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