Mystery Island Paint Brush Pin

Mystery Island Paint Brush Pin
Type: Pins

Release Date: February 04 2021

Manufacturer: Geekify

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Status: Current

Virtual Prize Code: Yes

When it’s time to give your Neopet a makeover, Geekify has you covered! No more dull colors and stock characters – it’s time to get fancy, and these delightful paintbrushes will give your Neopet some sparkle, pizzazz, and a new lease on Neopian life. Coveted by citizens all over Neopia for their rarity and power to re-brand a pet with a variety of different themes, the Neopets Paintbrushes can range from uncommon to exceedingly difficult to obtain. Collect them, trade them, or use them to decorate with this new official Neopets Paintbrush Soft Enamel Pin Set. Available individually or as a set, you can choose from the following Paintbrushes in the V2 set: Soft Enamel Paintbrushes V2 Wood Cloud Disco Fever Pirae Mystery Island Faerie Eventide Strawberry Each pin is 1.25″ diameter and comes with a card backing. This is officially licensed merchandise from Neopets / Jumpstart Neopets © 1999-2021 All Rights Reserved. Artwork by Aimee Scholz

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