Shiny Gold Neopoints Coin

Shiny Gold Neopoints Coin
Type: Collectibles

Release Date: July 08 2021

Manufacturer: Geekify

Where To Buy:

Status: Current

Virtual Prize Code: Yes

As the old saying goes, you've gotta spend money to make money! As the universal currency of Neopia, Neopoints are always in hot demand, useful for trading stocks, buying and selling items, bidding on auctions, donating to the Money Tree, giving the Wheels a spin, or giving to the Neopian Bank staff for safekeeping. This collection of officially licensed Neopoints coins from the Geekify mint is perfect for collecting, cosplay, display, or hoarding beneath your mattress! These coins are available in a variety of finishes, and the front of each coin features the standard NP emblem, while the back features the adorable peeking heads of some classic Neopet species in Neopia. Just watch out for the Pant Devil trying to get his hands on these spiffy Neopoint coins! Each single coin is 1.25 diameter and comes with a plastic sleeve This is officially licensed merchandise from Neopets / Jumpstart Neopets © 1999-2021 All Rights Reserved. Artwork by Aimee Scholz

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