Neopets and Upper Deck Announce New Trading Card Collection - April 1st, 2022

Along with a new trading card collection, a Neopets game inspired by the collab is coming May 2023.

JumpStart, owner of Neopets, has announced a new agreement with sports and entertainment collectibles company, Upper Deck, to release a new line of Neopets collectible trading cards.

Brokered with the help of Carlin West Agency, Upper Deck and Neopets will release the Neopets trading card collection, featuring fan-favorite characters and unlockable paintbrush achievements, with some other surprises along the way.

“Nearly a decade after the first Neopets Trading Card Game (TCG) launched, we’re thrilled to be celebrating the next evolution of Neopets with this collection of trading cards from Upper Deck,” says Michaela Thompson, marketing manager, Neopets. “Trading Cards have been an iconic extension of the Neopets brand, and many of our most dedicated players have been collecting these cards since the beginning. Today, we’re thrilled to surprise the original player-base with something different and new, while creating a fresh and memorable collection for the next wave of Neopians.”

“Upper Deck is dedicated to turning memorable stories and moments into covetable collectibles that people will line up for,” says Bubby Johanson, director of games development, Upper Deck. “That’s why partnering with Neopets on their latest Trading Card collection was a no-brainer. We’re excited to bring this globally recognized brand and collection of characters into people’s homes around the world.”

In addition to the upcoming trading card launch, Upper Deck has plans to release a new Neopets Trading Card Game in late summer 2023.

“Neopets is now a multi-generational community that is forever a part of people's lives,” says Jim Czulewicz, chief executive officer, JumpStart. “This beloved game has come to mean so much more to the players and families who enjoy it. We’re thrilled to celebrate these milestones and user base with a new collection of Neopets trading cards with Upper Deck, that will connect new and old generations alike.”

The new Neopets trading card collection will launch in May and will be available at