Sarah & Daisy: Gruesome Gruslens Art Print

Sarah & Daisy: Gruesome Gruslens Art Print

Type: Posters

Release Date: May 30th, 2024

Manufacturer: Upper Deck

Status: Current

Available at: Upper Deck Store

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The Variant Edition of this Gallery Print features artwork of Jhudora’s Gruesome Gruslen side kicks, Sarah & Daisy on foil board. This alternate artwork was inspired from Shamine Athena King’s Sarah & Daisy card created for the Neopets Battledome Trading Card Game. Shamine Athena King has been a professional artist for 17 years and has shipped 3 AAA titles with Ubisoft.

Shamine has already illustrated 19 Neopets characters in Neopets Battledome TCG and has been an amazing contributor to the Neopets community! It is also one of her favorite art pieces she created for the game! This Variant Version is 18” x 24”, hand numbered and limited to 100!


Featuring all new art by Shamine Athena King.


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