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Trading Card Releases Paused

Posted on January 23rd, 2023 @ 4:42pm by Joe.

Update (1/31/2023): Upper Deck has provided an update

Already owned digital cards can now be redeemed for physical cards again.
These cards will still be needed to complete the Paint Brush Achievements at the end of the program so if you are planning on completing the set, you should wait until the end to have everything shipped.
Packs will still be limited to 499 per week and staying at $5.99 per pack.
No eta yet on next drop as they are still working with Jumpstart/Neopets on some details.

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As a result of the feedback received by the Neopets Community, Upper Deck has decided to put future trading card releases on hold. They are working with The Neopets Team and will inform the community of updates.

We’ll share more info as we receive it.

Update (1/24/2023): This morning physical redemption has been turned off for cards people already own. (Their redemption status now reflects as “pending.”)

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