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Neopets Revealed! (Upper Deck TCG Update)

Posted on March 14th, 2024 @ 9:00am by Joe.

Upper Deck has shared another preview of the upcoming Neopets TCG.  This time focusing on base coloured Neopets.

Just like in Neopia, they can be found in 4 different base colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. These colors are not just for aesthetics, but they serve an important role mechanically in game. Be sure to read all the way through to learn why their colors matter and get a peek at the exciting redeemable Grundo Warehouse Prizes!

Neopets Battledome Trading Card Game is a main character game, which means at the start of each round of play, you will choose one of your Neopets to fight for you in battle! They will help you towards victory alongside the aid of Faeries, Equipment, Legends, Potions, Food, Paint Brushes and Codestones. So, choosing the right Neopet each round is crucial to becoming the Champion of the Battledome!

This little reckless ball of energy is always looking for new ways to excite, using their odd shape to their advantage. The big eyes and feet make Jubjubs a fun and cute species to befriend and they are happy to oblige! You can find these different base colors of Jubjub in Defenders of Neopia:

This joyful and smiley Neopet is one of the land’s oldest species, enjoying their lives in quaint areas with plenty of grass and flowers to roam through. Their calm demeanor and passive attitude make for a friendly Neopet. We know that Kacheek is one of your favorites, so we made sure to include it in the base set! Here are the 4 different base colors of Kacheek you will find:

One of Neopia’s most loyal and loved species is the Lupe. With its fluffy fur and pointy ears, its beautiful wolflike stature is revered throughout Neopia. Lupes can often be found at night intently gazing at the full moon… Here are the 4 base colors of Lupe you will find in Defenders of Neopia.

This draconic Neopet is adorned with long wings and a sturdy tail and loves spending its time flying, taking to the skies whether day or night. You definitely want a Shoyru on your side but be careful of their spicy temperament when they are mistreated (understandably so)! Over many decades now, they have proven to be a Neopian favorite and we honor that in the Battledome Trading Card Game. Here are the 4 different base colors for Shoyru.

You’ll notice that the 4 stats on each Neopet card are also Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. These colors correspond to their Attack, Defence, Agility, and Hit Points (we will get more into that later when we share more about the rules of the game). These ability values will change based on the Neopet’s color! So, for example, a Red Shoyru will have an increased Attack value while a Yellow Kacheek will have an increased Agility value. A Blue Kacheek has increased Defence, and a Green Kacheek has increased Hit Points. It’s simple and easy to know at first glance what stat boost your Neopet will gain just based on their color!

Also shared was the Grundo Warehouse card. These cards will be packed roughly 1 in every 24 packs (24 packs is one box) and you have a chance of receiving one of six exclusive Battledome themed wearables!

Today is also the last day to enter the sweepstakes to win the Arcade Shoyru Avatar! Enter by signing up for Upper Deck's email newsletter. (only open to those in the US and Canada, with some exclusions.)

Be sure to also check out Upper Deck's Twitch channel tomorrow (March 15th) at 10:00AM NST/PDT (1:00PM EDT) where Battledome TCG game designer, Bobby Coovert, will be discussing the cards that were shown off today!

Update: Check out the VOD here!

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